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    WS...why would we go back to an older version to do this movie, your advice to me was always to makes sure I had the most recent version installed. Thanks
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    Look at the dates of the original posts and when Webslinger replied. The thread dates back to March and v6.3.1.7 was the current version at the time so he wasn't suggesting using an older version. He was suggesting using the current version at the time the thread took place. There have been numerous AnyDVD updates in the meantime.
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    Ironpeddler Member is that new?...we've been at 6.4.-.- for quite some time I thought....my bad.

    When I did a search for this movie, this was the post that came up. I'm having an issue with it now...did a restart...set everything to Default...it runs through AnyDVD 100% (no Errors) but doesn't copy correctly using CloneDVD2....it burns 100% but the movie plays back all choppy. I just bought 4 movies....Gameplan, Dan in Real Life, Walk Hard, and Alvin. Walk Hard and Alvin went fine, but the other two are doing the same choppy thing...decrypt and burn with no errors, just won't play on any of my players...burned two coasters. When I tried to play them from the file on the hard drive...they did the same choppy thing with occasional screen freezes.

    What's do you guys suggest? Is there a way to get the info off the decryption or burn to send you? I have printed out WS tutorial and didn't find where I could get a log for this type of issue. Thanks.
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    1 ) What blank media are you using? Specify a) brand name b)type (-R, +R, -RW, +RW, RAM, DL, etc.) c)media code, d) capacity/size, e) batch codes/serial codes (often found printed on the inner plastic hub of the blank disc), and f)country (factory information would be great as well, if possible) where the media was made (look on the physical packaging; do not rely on programs to accurately give you this information).

    If you don't know how to obtain media codes, you may find the following programs useful:

    http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com and http://www.dvdinfopro.com/

    2) At what speed are you burning your blank media?

    3. Use Anydvd click http://static.slysoft.com/SetupAnyDVD6412.exe

    You may need to reboot after installing if prompted to do so.

    4. Click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Click "default". Click "ok".

    5. Use Clonedvd click http://static.slysoft.com/SetupCloneDVD2917.exe

    6. Follow the steps from this link in order: click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=476 (follow them step by step)

    If you're using +R DL blank discs, I recommend using Clonecd: click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=327

    7. If you still have problems, then . . .

    a) Ensure Anydvd is running.
    b) Put the problematic original movie dvd in your burner. Wait for Anydvd to scan the disc.
    c) Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar.
    d) Select "Create Logfile"
    e) Wait for Anydvd to create a log file.
    f) A pop-up screen will appear. Take note of the location where Anydvd created the logfile and the logfile's name. Click "ok".
    g) Go to your My Documents folder
    h) You will see a zip file called "Anydvd_Info_titleofmydisc.zip" (or something similar; see step f)
    i) When replying or posting in the Slysoft forums, look for the icon that looks like [​IMG] (in other words, look for the paperclip after clicking "quote" or when creating a new thread)
    j) If you don't see that paperclip icon, click the "go advanced" button. You should see that icon now. Click the paperclip.
    k) A small pop-up screen should appear (if it doesn't please ensure your browser is enabled to allow pop-ups from the Slysoft forums)
    l) Click the "Browse" button, and locate and select the .zip file you created.
    m) click "upload"
    n) Close the window. When you submit reply, or submit a new thread, the .zip file will be attached automatically for us to take a look at

    B) State the full a)error message(s) you encountered (click "details"), b)tell us what program(s) you were using when you received the error message(s), and c) describe in detail what you were doing when you received the error message(s). What problem are you having exactly?

    C) Click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=5091 to see if your question has already been answered
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    [quote="Webslinger, post: 105129"]What blank media are you usingSpecify abrand name b)type (-R, +R, -RW, +RWRAMDLetc.) c)media codedcapacity/sizeebatch codes/serial codes (often found printed on the inner plastic hub of the blank disc), and f)country (factory information would be great as well, if possiblewhere the media was made (look on the physical packaging; do not rely on programs to accurately give you this information).

    2At what speed are you burning your blank media?

    I had the DVD Identifier (I clicked the Clipboard thing...there the hell is the Clipboard?...it didn't copy it down below???

    Disc Info....

    Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
    MCC 03RG20
    2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71GB (4.38GB)

    Batch....(on the clear hub)7185E324 - 10849E05
    (on the inner silver part) ZD9906-DVR-J47F4

    Burn Speed - 4x

    All versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 were new this morning and restart was done...defaults were set.

    Attachment sent...log is for "Dan in Real Life"

    Thanks Webslinger.


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    I thought we would post in a string concerning that movie title so when you do a search using that name, all fixes are there...sorry...won't happen again.
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    Nero's Incd is packet writing software, which interferes with a lot of programs including Slysoft's. If you want drag-and-drop functionality, use dvd-ram instead, which is more stable.

    Musicmatch is also known to cause problems

    Typically party of Sonic or Veratis' Drive Letter Access packet writing software. Packet writing software is known to cause issues.

    i) Create a backup of your registry
    ii) Download imgburn. It's a free program: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
    (it's also an excellent program imo)
    iii) Go to Tools > Filter Driver Load Order. Select "InCDPass". Click "Remove Selected Filter". Select "incdrm". Click "Remove Selected Filter". select "MXLW2K". Click "Remove Selected filter". Select "DRVMCDB ". Click "Remove selected filter". Click "ok".
    iv) Reboot

    Keep in mind the programs that installed those filters will no longer function properly

    2. Check to see if there's an updated firmware version for your burner and your reader: click http://forum.slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=12794&postcount=10

    3. Burn at 8x.
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    WS...will this be the case for just certain movies? I've burned a ton with this setup without issues...but there always seems to be that one, once in a while, that gives me a headache. Thanks for all your help.
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    The filter issue I mentioned will more often be affected by discs containing structural protections.

    Regardless, you should remove them and follow the instructions I posted.
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