Burning issue, that is making me rip my hair out

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by kittychic, Apr 10, 2008.

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    This is what happens CloneDVD reads the file after that is at 100% it starts to write on my DVD-R that finishes at 100% I eject the burnt movie likeI have been doing for the past 6 years burning my movies. Now it goes thru the same motion but it won't playing on my flat screen, with a new Pioneer HDMI 480P DVD player on the flat screen and a 2 year old sony DVD player on my rear projection T.V in my bedroom. Neither would read the burnt copies. The only thing I have done is up graded my Any DVD to first the 6.1 because I was at 5.9 and this is when I notice my copies not being played. now I am at 6.4 thinking it is the software because I can't view the movies on my PC either. Only the movies that I have burnt at 5.9 and previous will work with no problems. I wish I never upgraded. All I get on my PC is a big warning saying file cannot be read or the media was damaged or dirty. Both disc are spot free, I have played DVD's that look like a lawn mower went over them with no problems when burnt using the older ANYDVD. When I put a DVD now into my players it just sounds like it is zooming back and forth looking for media or It does start and all I get is the Warning about copying fraud then in french and then the warning about not being able to read the media file.

    This will really suck if I have to now start buying 25 and 30 dollar movies:bang: if I can't burn anymore, which I have now started to do:mad: This all started when I upgraded my version 5.7( I think) to the new 6 series. Anyone else have this problem and were able to fix it. I have been burning movies since 2001 or 2 and have never had a problem till now:confused:I have used the same burning DVD's to write on, same players to watch with. Any help will be great to fix this.

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    how else are you getting your movies? where are you spending that much on a movie? unless its Blu-Ray DVDs do not cost that much, and CloneDVD doesnt do anything with BR yet. Are these rented?
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    try this

    After you get the error message on your player hit the stop button twice then push the play button. This might temporarily allow you to watch the movie by bypassing the menu