Burning Dual Layer Titles to Single Layer BD-R

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    As I understand it, AnyDVD HD can be used to copy the contents of a Blu-Ray title to the hdd. Then DVDit Pro HD can be used to write the files to a bd-r for playback on a stand-alone (non PC) player.

    This is fine and dandy for single layer titles. But what about the dual layer titles that are close to 50gb; Casino Royal for instance at 44gb. How can 44gb be compressed to 25 gb to fit on a standard bd-r?

    I love the ease of use of Clone DVD and how it works to compress a DVD to fit on a DVD-R. We need a tool to compress dual layer discs to fit on a single layer bd-r. Until of course writers and media come down in price to do a 1x1 copy.

    If the backed up data was a Quicktime movie for instance, we could use a h.264 codec to compress enough to make the 44gb fit on a 25gb disc. But anyone who has looked at the file structure of a bluray disc can see there are dozens of files, with strange extensions.

    So, my question is this. How do you copy Casino Royal Blu-Ray dual layer disc to a single layer bd-r? Or any dual layer title for that matter? How noticeable would 45% compression be? The h264 codec is amazing, so not too bad?
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    Ok. Well since it doesn't seem to be possible to compress this stuff to a singe layer bd-r yet, how about running it off of laptop w/ a hdmi out? Actually, I need a hdmi out card for my laptop, but i have only seen these for desktop pc's. Any ideas?
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    Has anyone ripped a bluray or hd-dvd to a hdd, and played in back on a hdtv set via a desktop computer w/ a hdmi output using any dvd hd?

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    I have ripped a few HD-DVDs that I own to my HD and play them back to my Sony R70XBR2 HDTV in full 1080p :D using a DVI->HDMI cable off my Nvidia 7900GT PC video card.

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    I agree! Just got Ghost Rider, great that I can back it up on the HDD, but I would also like a hard copy to play on the my stand alone Blu Ray player.

    I had come across something in the past that suggested how to get rid of all the trailers and extras on the disc and just burn the movie (audio and video) alone, which is less than 25GB.

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    Assuming that you have a Blu-ray drive to rip with in the first place, instead of a standalone Blu-ray, you should have built a Home Theater PC for about the same price.

    Standalone players are dinosaurs. Dynamic media players, such as the PC, are the future.

  8. psgolfer

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    Yeah I have a home theatre pc wth a Sony Blu Ray drive, if I didn't, why would I ask for help as the initial poster did regarding burning a dual layer (larger than 25GB) movie on a single layer BD-R????????????

    As most of us do, I also have a PS3 which plays blu ray too. Hence the ability to back up the movie and be able to just burn it to a single layer disc.

    Hope that answers your question?

    Anyone with some help on this topic would be appreciated.

  9. roog

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your toes.

    I too have a PS3 which is still waiting for a decent game to be released.

    Unless forced to, I will never play a Blu-ray movie on my PS3.

    Do your have a HTPC connected to the HDTV where your PS3 is connected?

    If you don't then I feel your pain.
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    No appologies necessary. Why will you not play movies on your ps3? Here is my situation. I have two home theatres. One in the livingroom and a room that I converted into a two tiered sitting area with a 96" screen and a CRT projector. The ps3 is in the livingroom (no not connected to my HTPC). There are times when I just don't feel like going to the movie room. I like to have backups of my movies, one set downstairs and the other upstairs.

    Hence, why I would like to be able to backup dual layer movies without having to spend 30.00 on a BD-DL or buying two copies of the same movie.

    I can justify spending 10.00 on a BD-R to have it conveniently placed in both locations.

    I think that I saw the post on backing up a DL Blu Ray on the AVS Forum site, I'll check there.

  11. Adbear

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    I'd try using TSremux, it's on doom9, it's still a work in progress, but as long as the main movie is a single file you can load the file into it the get it to create a bdmv folder with just the video and audio stream you want, and it allows you to decide the gap between chapter points too
  12. psgolfer

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    Cool, thanks, I don't mind trying new things, hence the reason I bought a bunch of BD-RE's!

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    You can only remove so much, it the movie file iteself is greater than about 23.5 gb then it will not fit on the 25gb bd-r/re. And to my knowledge there is no way around this. There is a great thread somewhere on this forum about how to remove all the stuff and then use Nero to simply create a BDMV. I use it all the time and it works great (so far). But the movie file must be small enough for the 25gb disc.
  14. psgolfer

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    I remember seeing a post to that reference. I can't seem to find it though.
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    I have a HTPC connected to the same set that the PS3 is connected to, so there's no need to use the PS3. My PC is connected to my HTPC via a 1Gb network so I'm able to access all my HD movies there as well so I just use the PS3 for playing games.

    I will start using BD-Rs and BD-REs for backups when the prices for the 50 GB discs come down to below $10.

    I wouldn't want to recode HD movies, except for the ones have obviously been inflated so that you have to use a 50 GB disc.
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