Burning BD for PS3?

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    I have used anydvd and clonedvd for years with no problems. I'm now trying to rip and burn BD discs but I'm not doing something right. I rip them just fine using anydvd hd, but how do I burn the ripped BD to a blank BD? I have looked all over the formus and the internet and can't find an easy way (or a way that works) to do this. I ripped a BD and copied the contents onto a blank BD using Nero as one site suggested. I tried to play it on my PS3 and it didn't work.

    Can anyone please help me with this? There's probably a really easy way to do this but I'm missing it.
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    I would recommend using the latest version of Imgburn to create an ISO and then burn it to a DB-RE (DL) (also with Imgburn). Once you get comfortable with the process you can move on to the BD-Rs. ;)
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    Thaks for your help. I'm trying it with Imgbrun right now. So, when I'm done making the image do I use Imgburn again to write the iso to my bd-re or do I need to use another app?
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    Never mind. I see the option to write the image. Thanks for your help :D
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    Personally I don't use image burn. I just use Nero and create a UDF 2.5 Compliant disk.
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    Thanks. I'll probably try a couple different methods to see which one works best for me. Thannks for all your help, everyone. I appreciate it.:)
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    Now, if I can just figure out how to stream BD from my media server (Vista 64) to my PS3 I think I'll be all set. Anyone have any info on how to do that?
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    I pull out the main movie and the audio I want using tsremux and then you can share it through windows media player to your PS3. It does not work well over wireless for me though, I get a lot of studder. Over gig-e it works fine.
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    And you didn't mention the other big limitation. It no workie with VC1 video tracks. And the audio can't be HD audio as far I as remember. It has to be AC3 or DTS I believe.
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    Cool, I'll give it a try (even though I lose the audio in the process). The big thing is (and I'm sure I'm not alone) that the blank BDs are still pricey so I'm just putting them on my drives (a couple TB) until the prices come down. Then I'll burn them all. But I always thought it'd be real cool to have a media server instead or burning BDs. If they could fix the audio, that'd be all I needed to go full media server.

    Thanks for your help
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    I may be wrong on the audio. I just remember reading something about it. My advice is to try it and see what happens.
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    When I have TSRemux open, what output format do I use? I see M2TS, TS, and Blu-Ray. I want to get the highest quality possible. Hard drives are cheap so size isn't an issue :)
  13. SamuriHL

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    Depends on what you're doing. If you want to stream it, I think you want a TS or M2TS.
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    When I rip the BD with anydvd hd, it creates many M2TS files in the stream folder. Am I able to just use those or do I have to put them all in one file using TSRemux? I took the biggest file of one of my ripped Dbs and demuxed it. It create an M2TS of the same file which was also the same size as the original. I had used blu-ray for the output format (before reading what I should set it to). I'll try to stream that. If it doesn't work I'll try another output format.
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    rename the m2ts file to whatever . MPEG
    and T Verserty for streaming, the ps3 see's
    the MPEG no affect quality wise..
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    Didn't have any luck streaming. I changed the extension of the largest m2ts file to mpeg. Ps3 didn't see it there even though I had added it to the media player library. I also didn't understand what you were saying about "T Verserty for streaming:. Maybe that's why it's not working. Is there another change I need to make besides changing the extension?
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    I have been working on the same thing and have gotten my BD back-ups to stream to my PS3.

    This was my process -

    -Rip BD with AnyDVD HD to HD

    -TSremux usually the largest file under DiskName\BDMV\Stream\*.m2ts file

    -Select the video stream and for the audio hopefully you will have a Dolby Digital Stream #0 otherwise it's probably a DTS-HD audio stream and you won't have an english track other than the DTS-HD and the DTS-HD stream won't be playable as a .mpg (that's been my results anyway).

    -I select M2TS as output format

    -Put in your output file path to your Public\Video directory (in Vista anyway) and give your file a name with the .mpg extension


    Then once that's all done you have to turn on UPNP in Vista -


    Again once that's done go to your PS3 and select "Video" by going back and forth across the PS3 menu bar until you are at "Video" you should see a selection "Search For Media Servers". If everything was shared correctly on your Vista machine you should see it on the PS3 after doing the search.

    Move down your menu under Video to the Vista share and select it with the X on your controller. You should see a video folder. Select that video folder and your file should be there. Move to your file and hit the X to select it again and it should start to play, that is if it's an MPEG2 BD disk.

    VC-1 BD disks won't play on a PS3, I don't know why. I don't know for sure about AVCHD BD disks I haven't done one. AVCHD is MPEG4 and was introduced by Sony so I would think they should play.

    Good Luck, I hope that helps...

    I purchased a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo 1TB (Network Storage) and got my BD back-ups to play from it on a wired 100MB/s ethernet. I also started backing up my DVD's and putting them on the Network drive and got them playing and it is very cool and very convenient! I can play my Lord Of The Rings Extended Ed's whenever I want and not have to get the disk out and load it up and then put in the 2nd disk in the middle because their are two disks for each movie and we watch these over and over so that saves a lot of trouble.

    Figured out a good part of this from googling and the guides here and on my own because you have to be careful about the questions you ask on this forum.

    I read a couple of places on here of people giving up on their PS3 but I have gotten everything to work, maybe that's because of more recent PS3 system updates.

    It's my understanding that TVersity is another way to stream the mpg's to the PS3 and so is RedKawa. Also if you have a Mac you can use MediaLink.
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    Thank you so much for the instructions. I'm going to give it a shot this afternoon. I totally hear you about playing LOTR from your media server without getting up. That's what I'd like to accomplish myself 8)

    I'll let you know how it worked out.
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    I have found that you do not need to rip the blu-ray to the hard drive. I browse to the harddrive which has been unlocked by anydvd HD and find the largest .m2ts, open it with powerdvd ultra to see if the movie is complete. Then I open the file with TSMUXer and directly TS Mux to my network share. I remove the extra's generally other languages, PGS's, etc. Select the video generally and audio I would like. Normally the studio's are adding the AC3 files which works perfectly.

    It will generally save an hour of time and literally the end result is done in about 25 minutes. I use to use EACto to convert HD audio, however I have been clicking on the Eng. HD audio track and then selecting down convert HD audio and have had excellent results. The Disney stuff generally likes splitting up the files into many little chunks. I am appending these and have had excellent results in combining these files. This has been a thorn in many peoples sides for sometime in what I read off of doom9.

    I am not using a PS3 to steam to but another piece of technology. I do find however on larger extractions I have to shrink the .ts file a little. I would say the best guide I have found on this subject for a newbie is here: