[BUG] AnyStream multi-seat licencing and download thresholds

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    So I've purchased two keys for AS, and got one multi-seat (x2) licence. The only problem is that it looks like the download throttle/threshold is tied to the same licence which means the thresholding is now shared between two seats.

    I thought how that could be fixed, one idea was to tie thresholds to a tuple of (licence id, machine id) but that would allow people to bypass thresholds by switching machines...

    I think that while same licence for multi-seat AnyDVD is fine, the system breaks down for AnyStream. So I think the only sensible thing is to issue separate licence for each seat.
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    A multi-seat license only allows multiple legal registrations. I assume you contacted support for a multi start one, did they specifically tell you the limits would be raised for that one? Cause I'd think, just because the allowed registrations is double doesn't mean the limits are too (though I'd would be logical to assume they are).

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    I think you're starting off with the wrong premise: at the point of purchase, the "purchase box" asks for number of licences, not seats, hence my differentiation between "buying two keys" and "getting a multi-seat" licence. As such, there is really ought not be difference between buying a licence twice or two at the same time (save for the discount) unless limitations are expressly spelled out, which they were not. In any case, it looks like an oversight that nobody though of till it happened... it did! ;-) which is why I am very pro limiting downloads to real-time only and doing away with thresholding for all but trials, but that's another story.
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    You are right, that's a bug. We are working on it. I'll get back to you later today...
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    Should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out.
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