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    Showing my ignorance now
    On the disk Rome (the TV series) the episodes have optional background information subs. These are text in a brown box with a little animation. vlc plays them fine from the disk but when playing them does not show a sub track as active. However, neither makemkv nor Clonebd shows me this track. Using procmon I can see that vlc has only the m2ts file open, there's no secret "other" file containing this track. So where does it live and how can I rip it??? Is it embedded in the video stream somehow? In that case, how can I play it back when it's in an mkv. Thanks to anyone who can educate me!
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    Anydvd only rips entir discs, so whatever it's on the original won be on the rip (minus protection). As image would help but this is not an anydvd problem, at best it's a CloneBD one.

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    Throwing this out there ---- Close Captioning?
    I know MakeMKV will convert them to subs (it reports them as Subtitle: Language (lossy)) but I am unsure about RedFox/CloneBD.
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    Still not an anydvd problem. And CloneBD handles forced subs, I'd they can be detected as such, and detecting them isn't easy due to various possible authoring possibilities.

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  5. Krawk

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    I agree it's not an Anydvd problem.
    Subtitles yes, close captioning not so sure.