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    I've read various forums until my head is spinning. Can someone explain what I should do after I've ripped a movie using AnyDVD HD to my hdd? Is PowerDVD the "player of choice" and if so, is version 3319a the one to use? I need help from square one and most of the posts are from those who have been playing with Blu-ray for a while. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could take the time to help. I'm no stranger to making backups of regular dvd's but Blu-ray is a whole new world and besides ripping, I have no idea what to do next.
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    If you have HD DVDs, I recommend you get the latest version of PowerDVD7 Ultra so you can still play them because PowerDVD8 Ultra will support only Blu-ray. Better hurry though because it might not be available anymore because they're planning to release PowerDVD8 Ultra on 4/3/2008.

    Otherwise, wait for PowerDVD8 Ultra to mature a bit and then buy.

    Before buying, go to and make sure your system meets the requirements.

    After that you just create .iso files from the discs you want to back up by using either CloneCD or ImgBurn. Then you mount these images using Daemon Tools Lite and play them with PowerDVD7 Ultra.

    You can get the help you need on this forum after purchasing.
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    Thanks for the info. I have a Blu-ray writer on my new computer and BR discs play flawlessly using the PowerCinema player which was factory installed. I also have PowerDVD build 3319a available, installed ImgBurn, Daemon Tools Lite, and AnyDVD HD. As I said, I'm new to all this. So after I create the .iso files with ImgBurn, how do I "mount" them with Daemon? I need to know HOW to do each step. Everyone seems to say do this, then do that, then do something else but when you've never done any of it, that doesn't really help.
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    Assuming you have Daemon Tools installed, there's an icon down by the system clock for it. Click on it and you'll see the option to mount an image. Select your ISO and it's now mounted as a virtual drive on your system. Open PowerDVD and then select the mounted, virtual drive and you're good to go.
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    Thanks a bunch. I'll try it later tonight and see what happens. It's all starting to make more sense now. I may have to bother you again with a question on burning the .iso image next!
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    That part is theoretically easy. Once you have your ISO built you can use ImgBurn or CloneCD to write it out to disc using their respective write image functions. I hope you've got an RE disc to play with! :)
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    Yeah, I have one BD-RE at the moment. One guy on here (SuperGoof) says he burned a BR disc using Vista. I was kind of surprised, considering what lengths M$ has gone to in order to prevent copying but I guess if all the encryption is stripped out by AnyDVD, it might work.

    "On Vista, using built-in burning software: Insert the disc, right-click, select "Format...", choose "Live File System", select UDF 2.5 as file system (it will be default for Blu-ray). When formatting is complete (in 1-2 min), copy BDMV folder and possibly other folders (CERTIFICATES etc.) to the disc using Windows Explorer."

    SamuriHL, are you running Vista by any chance and if so, have you ever given the above a try? Just curious. I'm not sure what SG means by "possibly other folders" because all this seems to require that specific instructions are followed in order to realize a successful disc. But I realize there's a lot of trial and error involved also.
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    I don't have a burner, so, no I've not written a disc. Someday I plan on getting one but finances are a bit tight right now and I'm saving up for a new bedroom tv. Anyway, you don't need to worry about what SuperGoof is saying there. Just burn the ISO using ImgBurn or CloneCD. His method above there is for burning files from the hard drive using Vista's built in burning software. Not necessary at all and ISO is much easier.
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    Many thanks for your help again! I successfully backed up two movies I own and they play perfectly with the PowerDVD Cinema player that was already on my computer. Doesn't look like I'll need PowerDVD after all. Now, we'll tackle the burning process next.