Blu-Ray Player Fails Validation

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by boweasel, Feb 10, 2018.

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    We use our Blu-ray player to stream Netflix as well as watch DVDs - our flat widescreen TV is NOT a Smart TV. A couple months ago I started experiencing occasional network connection problems, even though our Blu-ray is closer to our router than our IPad, either of our 2 laptops or our wireless desktop PC. All of those other devices work perfectly.

    After I get the connection failure on the TV screen I go into settings and try to manually connect. It finds our network, I choose disconnect, then choose connect. I re-enter the network password, the unit does some sort of checking, then it validates the password, then it connects. BUT, then it does this (to me) weird extra step. It says 'Validating Connection' - which is where it fails. It gives me no error code or offers no reason for the failure.

    Sometimes when I click on Netflix it works - and I can see all the titles in our queue. And I can play them all the way through without buffering. And as long as the player is powered on I have no streaming problems. But when we watch a DVD the unit turns itself off about 10 minutes after stopping the disc. Going back to streaming after re-powering the unit starts the ordeal all over again.
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    This has nothing to do with AnyDVD HD so your thread will most likely be moved to the correct forum.
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    Not an AnyDVD problem, the AnyDVD sections are reserved for AnyDVD disc related issues only. Moved

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    How close is your router to player. In many cases if wifi enabled is to close to router it can saturate radio and amplifier on player.

    Also if it close by and have Ethernet, use ethernet.