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    Do you guys have any suggestions on what type of blu-ray optical drive to get to start ripping my blu-ray movies?

    If I get one that just reads blu-ray can I still use AnyDVD HD to rip them to my HD? I just won't be able to burn them to a blu-ray disk correct?

    Looking for links or suggestions on drives that you guys are happy with.
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    I have the LG Super Multi Blu drive. It reads both HD DVD and Blu-ray and burns DVD's. And yes you can rip both blu and hd dvd with it using anydvd hd
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    If you're looking for just a reader, then consider the Pioneer BDC-S02 drive, which reads blu-ray & burns DVD/CDs. I had one and it worked flawlessly (I now have an LG super multi that reads Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD/CDs and writes Blu-ray & DVD/CDs)
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    Allot of good reviews on the H20LI as I told ya already and it was wise to get assistance here since there is users here to recommend due to owning a product.
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    I have that drive myself and I am very happy with it. I've had no issues playing/ripping Blu-ray or HD DVD movies with it at all. I haven't done any blu-ray burning with it yet, as the blanks are a tad expensive.

    The drive you linked to at Newegg is exactly the same drive, but without the blu-ray burning function.

    I think either would suit your needs very well, depending on whether you want to be able to burn blu-rays or not.
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    For me the Pioneer BDC-S02BK at AUD $218 inc GST is working a treat for reading Blu-Ray, and witing CD's and DVD's

    Given the imminent demise of HD-DVD I'll stick with my XBOX 360 add on to read my HD-DVD disks with a view to transcribing them to Blu-Ray one day in the future
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