Black screen only with a couple movies

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  1. Journbon

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    Hi all. I usually do a straight forward rip to image from AnyDVD to create Bluray ISO's to an external HD and then playback on my OPPO. However, recently 2 movies, Rambo Last Blood and Cold Pursuit after completing the rips and going to play the movies I get nothing but a black screen and it seems the hard drive stops. Blinking light turns steady. I can play other movies on the drive (Each drive holds about 58 movies). I also tried making the ISO with CloneBD with the same result. The ISO's were also made to different external drives with the same result. Updated to latest versions of both Anydvd and Clone BD with same results. Any ideas?
  2. James

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    You can try to enable speedmenus in AnyDVD. And logfiles are always helpful.
  3. Journbon

    Journbon Well-Known Member

    Thanks James. I'll get on it. Question..I've never messed with the settings after all these years. Should I use the always enabled or Enabled with Java discs?
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  4. Journbon

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    The enable speedpass didn't work. I've attached a logfile for Cold Persuit

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    My bad. The speedpass actually did work. I click keep original menu the first time. I redid it using the speedpass menu and was able to play the movie. Thank you James.