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    I have seen it here before, but i can't locate the thread anymore.
    I sometimes back up videos to a DVD DL disc. When I try to play the DVD in my player on my TV, it locks up at the layer break.
    When I back the DVD up, I have Nero 6 Express, which allows me to set the booktype to DVD-ROM on the DVD-R, DVD+R discs, but not on the DVD DL discs.
    Does anyone have an answer on how to change the DVD DL book type to DVD-ROM when I back these up ?
    The DL disc also will not play on some cheapy dvd players, probably due to this reason.
    And Yes I am using the good Verbatim Discs that you people always recommend !! So the disc really isn't the problem.
    Help ??
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    ONLY +R media can be booktyped to DVD-ROM.
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    Use Clone cd. it keeps the orginal layer break position. I had the same problem , but not with Clone cd. Also my LG drive auto matically changes all + R and +R DL discs to DVD ROM format.