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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by dragon457, Nov 26, 2007.

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    First off, great job SlySoft. I bought CloneDVD Mobile for converting DVD to my Zune after trying every other program I could get my hands on. CloneDVD Mobile just simply worked. :bowdown:

    So, here's the deal. I'm working on getting a PS3 at some point, with the intent of converting my DVD's to .mp4 so I don't have to handle the discs any more than I need to. I'm still trying to decide exactly what bit rate/passes settings I want to use, and that's where my questions came up...

    When selecting bit rate, is the number shown the rate of just the video, or is it a combination of video and audio bit rate? Noticing that there isn't an option to manually change the audio rate in the GUI, I looked around in the devices.ini and noticed the audio is set to 128kbps (which is fine). I also noticed that the bit rate number attached to the slider uses somewhat uncommon numbers, such as 1946 for quality 25 and then 2024 for quality 26. As I have generally stuck to 2000kbps for video in other programs, it just made me wonder if the numbers in CDVDM are combined video/audio, or just video, since the audio is already at a set value.

    If the number is just for video, why are they set at somewhat uneven values? I know it probably doesn't matter much, but I do know that devices like the Zune are particular about bit rates, where you can't go over a certain value if you don't want to have to encode it again. That, and I guess I'm one of those slightly OCD people who like nice even numbers, like 1500 or 2000. :D