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Feb 1, 2007
Is a no go with GJ Pro .570, protectonID comes up with secuROM 7.xxxx and when go to create image "GJ is now deactivated" right away?

windows xp sp2
athlon 64 X2 4400+
2gig ddr
nvidia 7600gt o\c pcie x16

on another note had problems wit the online activation had to contact securom for offline key!! and im not the only one "support @ 2k told me"
ya know, im usually opposed to pirating. but it this case i would be happy to see everyone in the world download a cracked copy just so they dont have to mess with the POS securom crap. (and to burn 2k as much as possible for such a crappy protection) didnt the game industry learn *anything* from starforce?!?!?!
starforce and securom aren't quite the same, i bought the game, and its well worth it.. piracy of it would only ensure that there will be no further games in the series, and that would be majorly disappointing

also steam uses the exact same method for activation...
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I find the "protection" methods that this game sports to be actually offensive. I had wondered what it would take to make me not buy (or play) Bioshock, and unfortunately, I found out.
really isnt that intrusive, put disk in, install, activate, play.. well worth it
i've seen more annoying protection, this one was hassle free... and well im a system shock fan...
Speaking of the activation, did you know activation is tied to your hardware. You can only install the game two times ( http://forums.2kgames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5527 ) If I had known that, I would have purchased the game through Steam.

That's not strictly true... You can install it more than twice but you have to uninstall it first (while connected to the internet) so it can 'deactivate' properly... So really all it means is that you can only activate it on two separate computers at one time... I read about it yesterday... I'll go find the link and post it here later...

Ok found it: http://kotaku.com/gaming/more-bioshock-shock/bioshock-pc-+-you-only-install-twice-updated-292222.php

Plus I think the whole 2 activation thing has got completely out of hand... Yes I can see it would be annoying but I have never had to install a new PC game more than once on the day in which I bought it... I also don't think it's overly intrusive... I installed, updated, activated and started playing without any problems... I also don't understand the people who reformat their computers every month... You don't need a fresh install that often to keep things running smoothly...
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And I was just reading the reviews for this game. Looks like the X360 version for me. I simply detest having to activate my games through a damn server. Half-Life 2 is the same way with the Steam crap that you must load in order to unlock the game. Simply ridiculous... I'll pay the extra ten bucks for the console version and call it a day. Now I feel better...

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Thanks- well that makes a little more sense.

Yes... Although I have read that some people haven't had this work for them.. but it has for others... Although seeing as it seems to have been cracked now, there is little point in them keeping it. The only people having trouble now would be actual customers...
Look at the hassle PC Gamer had to go through:

More proof that the X360 version is the way to go. I just checked with Circuit City and they have it on sale for $49.99. I played the demo this morning and it's a blast! Granted I love my pc fps's... However, I just like to lock and load with minimal hassle. I read the report in pcgamer, and I too would have been extremely pissed if they asked me to send a pic of the game disc just to reactivate it. Now, it's time to go to C.C. and buy some games!!!

:bowdown::bowdown:WE'RE NOT WORTHY:bowdown::bowdown:
The X360 version is all over the internet as well.

So they screwed PC owners over for nothing.
depends how you look at it, from their point of view it works, theres no cracks or pirate releases of bioshock currently, and the issues people have had seem to have been rectified now...so its hardly 'screwing pc owners'...
Many might disagree that the issues have been 'rectified'. How come 2K were able to somehow release Oblivion without it dripping with this DRM activation bile? Were they adamant to not repeat that 'dreadful mistake' or something?
How about we get back on topic, and figure out how the heck we can get the game to function nicely with Game Jackal???
How about we get back on topic, and figure out how the heck we can get the game to function nicely with Game Jackal???

Over the next day or so I will install this game and check it out.
Scanning -> Bioshock.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 16278880 (0F86560h) Byte(s)
-> File Appears to be Digitally Signed @ Offset 0F85000h, size : 01560h / 05472 byte(s)
-> Suspicious MZ Header..
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 07.34.0007
- Scan Took : 1.830 Seconds