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    I've got a dvd that I want to make into an mov file on my computer that most people that have quicktime can playback. Depending on the length of the DVD (sometimes they are as short as 3 minutes) I may want little to no reduction in quality. I own AnyDVD, CloneCD, CloneDVD and CloneDVDmobile. What is the best/fastest way to do this?

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    what i do for my PSP is convert the dvd to a mp4 which will play in quicktime....first create a folder on your c:\ drive called dvdfiles or anything ya want. inside that folder create another folder called the movie name.
    now make a backup dvd for your movie using dvdclone2 in the usual way BUT the part where it asks you to save the temp dvd that to the movie folder you created and be sure to uncheck 'delete temp files?' in clone dvd and click go. you now have the dvd ripped into the movie folder you created.
    now start clonedvdmobile and select the 440x220 >3.0 (which is what i use and it works fine) for the sony psp and direct it to the movie folder you created. be sure to set the name of movie and where you want to save it. when its done you should have a mp4 that will play on most anything.
    if i missed something any1 please correct.....
    i do the above so i can have a backup for my dvd and also a mp4 to take on the road if needed.