Best Buy & Toshiba Doing the Right Thing

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    FYI: Back in February I purchased a Toshiba A30 HD-DVD player open box on close out for $49.00. The system was and is in perfect condition. I have mailed away for te 5 free DVD's as offered and have verified that my order is in the que and will be fulfilled. A bit ago I rec'd a recorded message from Best Buy that since I had purchased outdated technology they would be sending me a $50 gift card. Hence a very nice upscaling HD-DVD player, 5 HD-DVD's and a $1 profit.

    Wish I could find other deals this good. :)
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    circuit city 50% all HD DVD titles (in store only)

    Amazon 60% select titles

    hollywood video - 2fer 20

    gamestop - buy 2 get 2 BR and HD, may have ended

    XboX 360 drive for 49 is still a great deal too.
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    Got my $50 from Best Buy! I paid $299!

    Should I spend it on a LG GGC-H20L ????
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    Are you sure this is not some kind of mistake??

    They were selling them at $49 as they were discontinued, if you had paid $299 for it then i could understand why they would do this.
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    you had to have purchased a player before feb something of this year. I believe the date they choose is before they dropped the price to 49

    also blockbuster now has a 2fer 20 deal on HD DVD as well.
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    Amazon is also offering their HD DVD buyers a $50 credit. I bought my A35 back in February for $200, and received an email from them last week about the $50 credit towards a future purchase. No I just have to select $50 worth of titles (at ~$10 a piece)...

    Or maybe I'll use the credit towards a universal computer player (like the LG or Panasonic)... hmmmmm... what to buy.