Before getting SP1 for Vista

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    Install Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh from WU!

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC Refresh is available to Beta testers through Windows Update. Experience the WU installation path for Windows Vista SP1 by following 4 simple steps and give us your feedback to improve our quality.

    Systems running on Windows Vista RTM typically require two or three updates before SP1 can be installed. These updates are permanent on your Windows Vista systems. Windows Update will detect your system configuration and offer the prerequisite packages that are applicable to your system. Based on the state of your system, Windows Update will offer you all the applicable prerequisite packages and SP1 in a sequential order. For details, please see the instructions below.

    If you already installed the Service Pack to your machine, you must uninstall the previous build before installing RC Refresh.

    Here are 4 simple steps to get SP1 on your machine.

    On Vista RTM…
    1. Download the script to your machine and run it on elevated prompt.
    · To run the script on elevated prompt, after you download the script, right click on the file and select “Run as administrator” option.
    · The script sets a registry key on your system. The registry key is required for WU server to recognize your machine as a valid target for Vista SP1.
    · After running the script, Windows Update automatic updates will automatically update your machine over the next several days with the appropriate prerequisites and then offer the Service Pack. If you would like to install SP1 quicker you can manually do the next few steps to speed up the process.

    2. Install all pending “Important” updates and the pre-requisite updates for SP1. You may have to repeat this several times to get fully up to date.
    · Check for updates on Windows Update. Go to Control Panel à System and Maintenance à Windows Update and check for updates by clicking on “Check for Updates” in the top left of the task pane.
    · You will be offered all previously released Windows Vista updates that you may not have installed on your system. Install all applicable updates.
    · If you have Windows Vista Ultimate, or Windows Vista Enterprise, Update for Windows (KB935509) should be in this list. If you have any other version, Update for Windows KB938371 should show up in this list. Reboot your machine when prompted. If you do not have Vista Ultimate or Enterprise, Update for Windows KB938371 should show up first and KB935509 is not required.
    · If you reboot and rescan on Windows Update right away, sometimes times you may not see all updates. This may be caused by the installer service completing the install of the prior update. Please wait 5-10 minutes and scan again. (This delay should not be required for the final SP1 release.)

    3. Install Update for Windows (KB937287).
    · Update for Windows (KB937287) it does not require a reboot. This is the “installer” code for the service pack.
    4. Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330).

    · Wait for 10-15 minutes prior to checking for updates again, to enable the installer to complete its self installation.
    · Check for updates on Windows Update again. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 KB936330) should be available.
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    32 bit or 64 bit? It will be hard to get it now but I have found the RC refresh 1 llink. I subscribed to this thread so as soon as you post reply I can assist you better.

    This is only helpful after they execute the bat file.
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    And then again I say you can't get SP1 RC through WU without running the bat file first.
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    Yet another one of Vista's good ideas. :clap: