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    >all available BD+ titles can be copied with AnyDVD ripper, or can be watched on HTPC without HDCP using PowerDVD 3104 and AnyDVD

    I've tried multiple versions of PowerDVD including 3319f with and without AnyDVD 6.1.7 beta with the LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo drive and can't get the menu with the extra content on 'Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer' (smart menu?). The movie plays and defaults to dts (using spdif) but no other menu options are offered.

    Can anyone with this or another BD+ title confirm and/or whether it's a Cyberlink or drive firmware issue? Any workarounds to get the extra content on this disc?
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    Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Blu-Ray (US) Menus Not Available

    I gather this is a PowerDVD issue but wonder why I've not seen mentioned in the related thread that the menu for this disc is not available using the
    v3319f patch (or earlier). Of course an earlier patch won't even play the disc so......

    There is only a 'play' button available. The PowerdDVD 'Top Menu' generates a 'Prohibited' message on the screen. During the movie in PowerDVD right clicking on 'Popup Menu' generates a 'disc menu' button which simply returns to the 'play' button.
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    Do not create multiple threads about the exact same issue, please.
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    And as I just replied in the other thread about this issue, I was able to play RotSS in 3104 with no issues other than the missing smart menu problem. That doesn't bother me as long as the main movie plays which it did. This was an ISO image I created on my PS3 and mounted on my HTPC using Daemon Tools.
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    and I could play RoSS with 3319a from the harddrive with full menu system. Did you try rotating the menu button? Try pressing left and right or up and down as there is only one button onscreen in the menu but it rotates the option
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    No, I wasn't aware that's how it worked. I'll try it later and make sure it works. I think I deleted the image off my hard drive once my son and I watched it, but, I can make a new image quite easily to test it out.
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    Same here, no problem with menu, playing from an ISO with 3319a.

    Over the last week I have installed and uninstalled several versions of PDVD and my conclusion is that at this point in time 3319a is the best all rounder.
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    I guess I'll have to install 3319a then. Let's see what they can do by the end of the week. I'm not hopeful.