BD+ - is this supposed to be supported?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Neil Wilkes, May 2, 2019.

  1. Neil Wilkes

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    I ask as I am trying to back up audio from a disc, but keep getting the error message that the disc is BD+ protected in the ripper, even though AnyDVD HD is running and does not seem to have any issues.
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  3. Neil Wilkes

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    Hi Ch3vr0n
    Sorry but you have misunderstood my post.
    I am not seeing any errors with AnyDVD HD - I am getting the error message in the Audio Ripper telling me that discs protected with BD+ are not supported.
    A log file from AnyDVD HD will not tell you anything as it is not anyDVD HD throwing the error, but the audio ripper.
    Hence the question - is BD+ supposed to be cleared when a disc is run through AnyDVD HD?
    That is all I am asking - is it supposed to be cleared, or not?
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    I didn't. I did not say anything about read errors either. BD+ is indeed supposed to be removed by anydvd. If, like you say it's not, then something is going on. And guess what, we need that logfile to find out what :)

    Which is why you were asked to provide one ;-)

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  5. Neil Wilkes

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    Excellent - now I know it is supposed to be removed.
    Thank you - at the moment, that is all I was really asking. Before I file support requests or assume it is AnyDVD at fault, I want to go through a few other things myself.
    Honestly, I am not trying to be funny or cause a problem - all I wanted to really know was is BD+ removal supported, and the answer is yes.
    Thank you - for the time being, that is really all I needed to know

    Much appreciated.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    The 3 most common causes:

    - the drive cannot retrieve the disc's AGID for some reason (dirty/defective)
    - something is blocking anydvd's access to the internet which it needs to connect to the OPD (which is required to remove BD+)
    - Something is going on with the OPD itself (server problems, maintenance...)

    and which one it is is contained in the logfile, so if you can't fix it yourself you'll need to provide that logfile before we can assist you further.

    You'll know where to find us when you need to :)

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  7. James

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    Just post the logfile. Everything else is just wasting time.
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