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    Please be gentle if a repetitive question----searched around and did not know i was looking a the anwser if i found it----

    I have more then a couple movies---namely IROBOT and Ratatouille to name a couple of them----they copy to disk and the video plays back fine but ---in IROBOT the language is in French and in Ratatouille there is no audio at all.
    using powerdvd8ultra and nero showtime4

    something else i run into is that i have some movies that will play in powerdvd but not nero and vice versa

    all i am doing is copying to hard disk and removing the CERTIFICATE folder and the draging and dropping the movive into PDVD8 or NERO

    anything im overlooking/skipping.

    please help a noob out!

    Thanks in advance
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    You must be just trying to play the m2ts file, that won't work as it won't recognise the HD audio track and will just play the first audio track it can decode. If you play it back as a full disc it will play fine


    ive tried it all ways
    just the m2ts file and the whole folder and just the BDMV folder and just the stream folder
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    Build an image file (ISO) from the ripped folders and mount that. See SamuriHL's guide (click on his Bad Disc Guide in the stickies, then on the link in his sig - BDFolder > ISO).
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    When I try dragging folders on nothing happens, If you're running on PowerDVD 7.3 3319a then you can chose the 'Open movie file on hard disc' and that will allow you to play the movie with menu's from the hard drive, if you're running anything later than that then you need to build an ISO and mount it in Daemon tools then play it as if you had a disc inserted in you system. Any method that results in just the original m2ts file being played will not play back any HD audio tracks as it can only decode them when played back as a full disc