Bad Sectors - Slowdown to 0.00MB/s - bug/improvement request?

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  1. Jeroen Bakker

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    So, what i am currently facing is that when i rip a Blu-Ray and it has errors (i think it's copy protection, because how much i clean the sectors stay the same), the speed slows down to 0.00MB/s and keeps there till the end of time.

    I have monitored this for 1,5 week and it does keep reading (at a extremely slow pace) because there is progress (50%->51% week 1 ->52% week 2) but at "0.00MB/s".
    I tried pauzing the rip and (with a little interval) restart the rip. Afterwards the rip continues at normal speeds and finishes within the hour.
    This behaviour is replicatable (with same disk) over multiple rips.

    Version: AnyDVD 8580

    I will grep the logs once i'm in the neighborhood of that PC.


  2. Ch3vr0n

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  3. Jeroen Bakker

    Jeroen Bakker New Member

    Hi Ch3vr0n,

    Thanks for the reply, i read the post already offcourse.
    My main focus for this post was the speed boost after a pause, not the bad sector issue (which I take for granted).
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Perhaps but if there's errors on the disc, anydvd will naturally slow down as it tries to read the bad sectors. The speed declining is a side effect.

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