Bad back up, maybe not.


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Mar 15, 2007
I had something interesting happen.Yesterday I had a dvd I had just backed up with a dvd-r blank. when I tried to play it in a cheapy little Magnovox player in the kids room it was skipping and showing these little digital blocks. I remember reading that dvd-r is compatable with over 90% of dvd players and dvd+r is compatable with over 80% so, I took my dvd-r back up and backed it up on dvd+r and put it in the same player and it works great. I'm sure most of you guys have already learned this but I'm new to Clonedvd so its neat to me. Just thought I put it out here in case some other new guys think thier back ups are bad and want to try this.
What is the media that you are using. El' Cheapo media results it Artifacts and other problems on all machines.
By media do you mean real store bought movies? Yes I back up all my real movies. Also I use maxell or sony dvd-r 16x.
i find that copies made on CMC discs have a tendency (not all the time on all my copies) to skip/freeze (have frozen frames) on PS2 but play perfectly on DAEWOO dvd player.and that taiyo yuden (-r) copies play on PS2 but not on DAEWOO.