Backup of BluRay - but its too big

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    Hi all,

    I have been trying to create a backup of one of my BluRay disks (HELLBOY), with no luck. I want to backup to another disk, not to a hard disk, as the rip seems to be 45Gb, which means that I will need one massive disk to backup my BluRays.

    The problem is that when I use AnyDVD-HD, right hand click and say rip to disk, the files created total 45Gb, and you can only buy 25Gb disks. One of the files extracted (the main film) 00000.m2ts is 37.8Gb in size.

    Yet, I read on the forums that you can copy to another bluray disk (I have a load of 25Gb disks) and they can be used, saving the original from wear and tear.

    Clone DVD automaticlly downgrades the film to fit the disk, but I gather that it does not work for BluRay disks (yet).

    So how does this work? Is there a another way of doing this? IS there software which compresses the movie?

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    Yep, I should have read the FAQ before posting. I had found this before you replied - but didnt know if this was still the best way of doing it - seemed a lot of work comapred to the cost of purchsing a disk.

    However, until the CloneH-DVD comes out (come on Slysoft), this looks like the ticket. Will try it with my disks tonight.