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    I have been backup up my DVDs with reasonable success for several years now, but now encounter a new problem. Since upgrading to Clone DVD, Clone DVD creates the files and then writes them, and reports that is was a success. However, when I then try to play the disc either in my PC or a DVD player, both tell me that the disc is blank. I am using DVD decrypter, and TDK DVD+R discs, and I didn't have any trouble backing up my DVDs until I upgraded to this latest version of Clone DVD.

    Any advice for me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Webslinger

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    Stop using TDK.

    1. Update your burner's firmware (if available)

    2. Use good quality media (Memorex, Ritek, Princo, Fuji, TDK from Costco, and Maxell that are not made in Japan are not good quality media). Are you using inferior blank media? If you're not using Taiyo Yuden Premium, Verbatim, Maxell Plus, or Maxell Broadcast Quality, then chances are the answer is yes.
    If you use poor quality blank media, then you should expect problems.


    3. Try lowering your burn speed (not below 4x; if you have a 16x burner and 16x rated media try writing to it at 12x instead of 16x; an 8x burn speed on 16x rated media wouldn't be a bad idea either)

    4. If you're using +R, +RW, or +R DL media, change the booktype to "dvd-rom" (step 3)

    5. Avoid sticker labels (they tend to cause problems)

    6. Try setting a custom size of 4300 in Clonedvd (but if you're using good media, you shouldn't have to) if you're using regular single layer dvd-5 (4.7GB) discs.

    7. Download Nero cd-dvd speed. It's a free program. Select the tab labeled "scandisc". Insert the problematic backup disc, select the appropriate drive letter, and click "start". If Nero cd-dvd speed reports read errors, your backup is bad (which is the most likely case), your optical drive may be slowly dying, or your optical drive simply doesn't like the disc (or your choice of blank media)--even if the disc looks fine.

    Bad burn quality is notorious around the end of discs (see step 6)
    and also at layer breaks when using low quality DL media (use Verbatim +R DL media made in Singapore, and change the booktype to "dvd-rom")

    Also, check the preview screen in Clonedvd to ensure you're backing up the proper title.

    read fully please
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  3. Rich86

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    TDK Media from Costco

    I've used TDK media from Costco (CMC oem manufacturer) for years with few problems when burned properly (burner, firmware write strategy, speed and computer environment).
  4. Webslinger

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    Most TDK being sold currently at Costco is B-grade stuff, and generally performs worse than the recommended blank media I listed.

    TDK, at one time (on average) was pretty good. Lately, however . . .
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    I have some movies on TDKs and their self life was about 6 - 12 months.
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    is summat wrong with my browser? (ie7 and firefox) cos those links just take me to the home page of redflag deals and no posts are shown:confused:
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    Shelf Life of burned dvd's

    The only failures of burned dvd media I have experienced so far have been a handful of Ritek G04's during the period when Ritek was having some pretty obvious qc manufacturing issues. TDK inkjet printable media from Costco (CMC) has performed just fine, and I expect I will once again take advantage of Costco's "Buy 1 get Get 1 free" coupon offering in August.

    As I've said before, I am not suggesting TY or Verbatim isn't good - it surely is. But the root of all evil in dvd burning is not centered around optical media manufactured by folks like Ritek and CMC, under whatever brand names they appear in the marketplace. It has much more to do with the practices followed by the folks doing the burning - and the compatibility of the blank media being burned vs. the burner/firmware being used.
  8. Webslinger

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    Thanks. Links are fixed
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    One of the basic principles or tenets of what constitutes good blank media is that it works well on a wide variety of burners. Moreover, when burned blank media degrades to the point where it fails in under a year, you now have met another criterion for categorizing blank media as inferior.

    CMC and Prodisc sold under Verbatim's name are held to higher standards than when sold under the names of several other brands. In this case, the TDKs sold at Costo are currently B-Grade, and I do point the finger at Imation here.

    This quote from The Digital Dolphin is most telling:
    "The stuff sold at Costco varies a lot, because frankly, TDK (actually Imation, since they bought the TDK media brand) doesn't care when they sell stuff at such major losses."
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    thanks.very interesting reading was that.
  11. Rich86

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    TDK (CMC) media from Costco

    Say what you like - and link to whatever posts you like - I have been using TDK DVD media purchased at Costco for years without issue. The overall compatibility of media with burners has more to do with the write strategy employed which relates to the status of the firmware in the burner, supplemented by any software resident in the computer which establishes a write strategy for media the firmware does not know about, than anything else. I believe this is why my Benq and Lite-On burners have so few issues with media compatibility - in addition to having learned a little over the years about what works best when burning to optical media.
  12. Webslinger

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    The Digital Dolphin is one of the biggest media authorities on the internet, going through over millions of blank media yearly in his personal business (and he is also involved with media distribution). He has over 10 burners that he uses at any one time at home, and also reviews drives at cdrlabs (his benq reviews in particular were amongst the most thorough I've ever read). He is one of the major contacts for both and, in addition to having reps from most blank media companies contacting him for information. Oh, and that's his review being quoted on Benq's website . . .

    He tests and uses (Philips based) Benq burners for his own personal use. When he says TDK sold in Costco is B-grade and varies in quality, then that's the truth. Period

    You can say whatever you want. The truth is TDK has gone downhill--and the fault does not lie far from Imation's doorstep.

    As far as having firmware support blank media in order to burn properly, when only one burner is capable of even writing to that blank media, then it's not viable at the very least (and it's suspect at best).
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  13. Rich86

    Rich86 Well-Known Member

    I was not questioning your 3rd party sources that you rely on and quote.
    My personal experiences that I can personally verify and attest to, is the media works just fine in my system consistently, I believe for the reasons I have outlined earlier. I have only my personal experiences to offer others. Based on that, suggesting categorically that TDK media manufactured by CMC and sold at Costco is somehow automatically unacceptable media is an inaccurate assessment of the product. And Costco stands behind their customers if there are any issues with the products they sell 100%. And this media is a terrific bargain when purchased on one of their special coupon based sales.
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  14. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    At the very least, it is B-grade and inferior to CMC sold under Verabatim's name (with some noteable exceptions with a few PAP6 and MAP6 serials).

    I'm not saying all CMC sold under other names is always horrible. But just like Memorex, the quality varies enough that Memorex should be avoided.

    I agree. From what I'm told, they have one of the best return policies anywhere.
  15. customshopkv1

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    How old are the burns and what are the media codes for those old good copies. Just curious.
  16. Rich86

    Rich86 Well-Known Member

    TDK Media form Costco

    I have burns going back 2 to 3 years - no problems yet.
    The media is all CMC - 8x and 16x DVD+R.
    I don't have any older burned media in front of me at the moment to grab the actual code - but all CMC I am certain.
  17. rebeccamn

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    A follow-up for the curious:
    I tried a lot of Webslinger's suggestions, including updating my burner's firmware (no small task with the now-I-know-it-to-be-crappy Matshita UF-840D), lowering my burn speed, and setting a custom size of 4300. All of this was tried with my Costco TDK DVD+R media. No dice.
    Today, I replaced the TDK's with Verbatim "Digital Movie" DVD+R, and like magic, the discs are working, and I have copies of my DVD's that are actually copies of my DVD's, rather than "empty" discs. Kind of a bummer, since the Verbatim discs are almost 10 times as much, but at least I know what the problem is now. THANK YOU WEBSLINGER for the warning about TDK and all your advice!!
  18. Webslinger

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    You're welcome. You don't need to get "digital movie" branded Verbatim discs, by the way, and regular Verbatim blanks should not cost 10x as much. I'm guessing you live in the U.S? visit

    Or if your burner can't burn 16x, then there's this:
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