Backing up game CD/DVDs

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Ethrex, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Ethrex

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    Hi, I am trying to take all of my game discs and back them up (like an ISO) and put the backup on my NAS so I can throw the boxes/CDs away. I could simply use ImgBurn or something to rip some discs, but many leverage DRM techniques which prevent ImgBurn from correctly ripping (one example is Battlefield: Vietnam). I don't really care about creating an environment where I can point and click to run a game - I want to be able to mount it to a virtual drive and be able to install it.

    Will Game Jackal allow me to back up my discs? I tried but I didn't get very far. For example I started by testing with an old World of Warcraft disc and I quickly realized that it wanted me to have the game already installed so I could select the installed executable (I haven't had WoW installed in years), then insert the disc and start the game. I see the problem it is trying to solve -- remove the dependency of discs on an installed game. But is there a way to also back up the entire game disc for later installation?

  2. Ethrex

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    For anybody who reads this in the future and is trying to do the same thing I am -- the product you are looking for is CloneCD. It has a feature to back up protected game CDs onto CCD files and then you can use Virtual CloneDrive to mount them. It is exactly what I was looking for.
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    HI is this just for PC games or will it work with X box games?
    I want to back up the X box game CD's so the original CD doesn't get damaged ETC.

    would I Back up the CD using cloneDVD2 and then the virtual drive to play the game?