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Audio and Subtitle Settings



In Audio and Subtitle Settings


In Audio and Subtitle Settings
Audio Streams side

#1 Is it best to use just one of these Dolby AC 3/6 or Dobly AC 3/2 or both ?

#2 And on the right side on the same page Audio language And
Subtitle language if there both in english do i need to check boht of them?

there is just one here but some times there are 2 Audio language and
Subtitle language

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this is a quote from madbob who wrote the guide at cdfreaks, as i asked him about the audio selection

As a general rule always select AC-3/6 as this works on everything I have tried. Quite often AC-3/2 is the directors commentary. But it varies that much that there is no answer.

but if theres only AC-3/2 there thats what your going to have to pick.

i don't keep any subtitles, but thats just me
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Hi bjproc, Thanks for the help on this post. I made about 18 back ups of my stuff in the last 2 days and i have been playing a lot with every thing. Have not had to use anyDVD any either i just have it running in the back ground to watch over every thing LOL and it saves a lot of time.And thanks for the pictures i am leraning how to put them in a websight and use them to show how to do things i am learn some lol.Thanks:clap:
i don't keep any subtitles, but thats just me

i just seen this answer to the #2 question i asked and it is on the right side of the picture above. and i didnt know we dont have to use any thing on that side thanks for that because i was trying to find a way to get more of the Quality bar over to ward the 100% or more into the green.