AS users need to admit what they are, I'll go first.

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    Hi, my name is John Doe. I am an addict. I stream too much, well to be honest and more accurate, I download too much, possibly illegally. As some of you know I have a large movie and television library, which I accumulated the hard way. Through pawn shops, Ebay, Amazon and any site that sold dvd's. These sources are running dry now or the expense of their media makes them highly undesirable. So, I went in search of other methods to acquire my media content. Much to my detriment, I would soon come to realize.

    I found my new problem via a free trial period of AS. At first it was unsatisfactory, but I went back because the need to fill in the gaps in my library was strong. So I began to remove the obstacles that made it unsatisfactory, as addicts are known to do. How did I know I was an addict at this point? It started with the free trial, I abused that thing like a young Heathcliff in a Bronte novel. Trial limit, trial limit, I don't respect no stinking trial limit. But after a while I realized it was wrong to keep taking advantage of someone or some company, so I purchased. I am sorry, I lied just now. The fact is, they change the terms of their trial making it inconvenient, even for my simple bypass.

    When I first started transferring my collection on to hard drives, some guy in a forum claimed to have over 120 terabytes of hard drives with more content than he could ever watch. I called BS, major BS. But fast forward a year and a half later when I had agreed to spend $500 dollars of our money, which was actually my money in my personal bank account, for two big screen Tv's. But what did I do? I bought a 4 bay server and 4 -14 terabyte drives to add to my already 64 terabytes. I lied, I told her I would wait until after Christmas and before the Superbowl to get a better deal on our Tv's. With that I bought my self at least a month before I would I have to come clean and explain why my/our account is short over $1600.

    Why, just why would I do this? I do not know how to describe it, Amazon Prime Video, whether it is my crack or one of my can't lose handicapping programs. I started using it and now I cannot stop. Between their content, the free IMDB content which downloads without commercials. I was near my computer every waking and non working moment of my life, waiting for that ding so I can start another download. Late to work, leave early from work, all that mattered was starting another download. Yes I was becoming an irresponsible adult again. Then came the free CBS one week trial via Amazon Prime. In my mind, this was game on bitch. I had one week, 7 days, 168 hours. To download Deep Space Nine, Voyager, about 10 seasons of CSI's and JAG. So yeah, work would have to wait, I have unused sick days. I had two computers and access to three Amazon accounts and yeah I am going to abuse the hell out of that free trial version of that software once again. Because at this point I am a degenerate downloader, with over 65 terabytes of media content and looking to add more, just because I want to. Yeah I need help, but not today. Coach, Alias, Highlander and St. Elsewhere is calling my name. Later bitches.
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    I suggest meth. It's a win/win for you. Either you will alleviate your video addiction (because you will be addicted to meth) OR you will be able to stay up for days at a time and download like a mad man. :p
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    Will Amazon and IMDB please stop adding shows. My god they now have all the Star Trek shows except Discovery and Picard. Now that the cable company has figured out all my connection problems were due to squirrels eating away at the cable lines. I am truly screwed, it no longer goes out for days at a time.