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    Muy buenas esta previsto meter mas de un audio para bajar asi como estan los subtitulos me interesa para el tema de aprender idiomas y tambien si esta previsto por ejemplo cuando son series bajar todos los capitulos de una temporada y
    no tener que ir de uno en uno.

    Esta previsto ampliar en españa
    Disney plus
    Apple TV+
    Rakuten TV
    HBO España
    Orange TV
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    You already posted your suggestions in the proper place. I'll address them in the english section later today or this weekend. However multiple are already on the list

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    No lo harán por que no saben hacerlo... dicen que "en consideración" pero lo que miran es si saben o no hacerlo, si le sale esta en considerado, si no les sale no lo esta jajaja, yo a día de hoy descargo de todas las plataformas y esta por lo cara que es y el avance tan pésimo que tiene no creo que tenga futuro ninguno, recomiendo que no tiréis el dinero, esto se lo cargará tanto Amazon como Netflix en breve.
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    And on what evidence do you base your claim that new providers will not get added? On what evidence do base that they don't know how to do it? Do you work for RedFox? "Under Consideration" has no effect on streaming provider suggestions. I guarantee you that! How do i know, i maintain the stickies and am in close contact with the redfox staff

    The purpose of the streaming suggestion sticky is EXCLUSIVELY to list the ones suggested by users to be added. The sticky clearly mentions that suggestions mentioned there DO NOT mean support will be added. The "Under consideration" tag exclusively applies to feature requests, and ONLY means that they are thinking if the feature is doable (and possibly can be added). The 2 are not interchangeable

    First you post this that you want to get multiple audio tracks, which means you think it's not actually as "terrible and hahaha and without future" as you say it is here.

    You're welcome to your own opinion, but slandering redfox products on a redfox forum is not the best move to make as a new forum user. Please choose your next moves carefully.

    I suggest you re-read the forum rules.

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    Sorry for the way I express myself, my intention is not to offend the development team, it is that I am a bit upset that I paid 109€ and I see that it progresses very little and for a request I made I think they will not add it.

    I repeat, my apologies if I offended someone, it is not my intention.
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    Things may seem slow, but during initial closed beta there were times when several builds a week. Now think about it. Would you rather have the developers work on fixing bugs and adding new features, or talk on the forum about adding new features and fixing bugs but never do it because they're too busy posting about it on the forum?

    Me personally I'd rather have them push out a build once a month with slow but steady progress.

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