Anyone having problems with XP Service Pack 3 update

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Nova935, May 12, 2008.

  1. Nova935

    Nova935 Well-Known Member

    Over the weekend I upgraded from XP SP2 to SP3. Now every time I load a Blu Ray disc and after AnyDVDHD scans the disc, when I try to play the movie using PDVD 3104a, Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard opens up. It quickly closes if I press cancel on the wizard and doesnt seem to effect movie playback in any way. I havent had a chance to try any HD DVD`s and only tested Vacancy and AVP2 Blu Ray Disc`s. This doesnt happen when I play from my Hard drive. I know it must be related to the SP3 update because after rebooting after the install, I immediately tested the above Blu Ray disc`s to see if the SP3 update created any problems with playing Blu Ray movies. BTW, I do not see any significant gains (none) updating to SP3 and after I receive feedback from other forum members about this issue, I will probably go back to SP2.
  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Nope I'm not getting your problem at all on any of our systems with Sp3 installed. And the main gain for SP3 is not having to download the many updates that came out between SP2 & 3. I now have 1file I can run which gives me all the previous update
  3. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    So far sp1 for Vista and SP3 for XP have been ok on 4 boxes. Have not tried to play a BD on my XP box yet since I need to buy a player/burner that will work with XP. Other wise I will need to upgrade to Vista.

    SP1 fixed alot of issues for me and Vista seems to be stable.
  4. davinleeds

    davinleeds Well-Known Member

    Don't have SP 3, but that camera wizard comes up now and then when opening DVDFab HD Decrypter. And once in a while with PDVD or TMT, I just cancel.

  5. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    SP3 is apparently stable and supposedly smoother and should not cause any hardware issues - sounds more like time for a fresh install of XP (with SP3, of course) ;)

    I have it installed on two systems with no issues but I'll wait for more feedback before I put it on my HTPC (yes, I know. I'm a coward) :)
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  6. ocgw

    ocgw Well-Known Member

    SP3 works for me on my 3 PC's too


  7. HermosaBeach

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    Windows XP SP3 installed flawlessly on two of my intel machines, but I ran into trouble with my AMD HTPC. After installation, the machine would boot, start to install Windows, but freeze before it even got to the Windows display. I reset and rebooted several times, same problem. I then rebooted in safe mode and noticed it hung up on MUP.SYS. I believe MUP.SYS is a Belkin UPS device driver. So I unplugged all my USB devices except mouse/keyboard and rebooted. She booted up fine after this.

    It's been a week since I installed XP SP3 on my gaming machine and there are already patches for Office 2003, 2007 & XP :(

  8. Nova935

    Nova935 Well-Known Member

    Uninstalled SP3 to return to SP2 and problem still continued. Performed system restore and problem was eliminated. Ive been told that SP3 is still a little buggy, so I will wait till microsoft fixes them before I update again.
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  9. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I installed SP3 on one of my PC's and no problems have arose.
  10. JRude

    JRude Guest

    If you have a HP PC with AMD processor, do NOT install XP SP3 until you consult forums on the issue! It can and will cause endless reboots with sometimes NO access to safe mode! The MAJOR problem is an intel dll used for factory imaging in addition to AMD.
    If it is legal to post an url, this is a good place to check out! Do this BEFORE you install SP3! MAY have to format!
    There are other issues can be a crapshoot...
  11. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    JRude - good link, lots of good info.
    Just to add my experience, I have used SP3 on the following platforms with no issues:
    Intel Core2Duo ATI HD2600XT PCI-E XP Pro PowerDvd 7.3 4120 and 8 (latest patch)
    Intel Centrino M Intel IGP OEM image XP Home
    AMD XP2400 ATI 9600XT (time for an upgrade!!) XP Pro
  12. mashyuk

    mashyuk New Member

    Wat a carry on !!!!!

    I d/l'd service pack 3 and what a mess it made of my PC which is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 600. It made a mess of the USB Lan adapter ! Also the comp started to run very, very slow which it didn't ever do ! I have 1 gig of ram which is more than enough to have a decent start up and program running.
    I have uninstalled it and still the comp runs slow! It looks to me like Microsoft in their wisdom have yet again issued a "fix" which is worse than any bug u can get off the net. I'm going to have to reinstall windows yet again because of the mess they make without testing the "fix " before they issue it.
    Thank you Bill. I really do appreciate having to reinstall my system after almost every "update" u give out. mas card this year.
    I won't forget to send you a Xmas card this year for the grief you have given me over the years. :(
  13. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Do you happen to use Symantec's antivirus (Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, etc) software? If so there is a known issue. If XP SP3 is installed with the AV running it causes many issues. Symantec initially blamed Microsoft but has now admitted their own fault in the problem.
  14. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    only problem with sp3 is installing ie7 after you update....