AnyDVDHD not recognising Region 1 DVDs

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  1. Robin Mangham

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    I am trying to rip my DVD collection using an ASUS SBC-06D2X-U External USB BR Drive ( I'm not sure what the drive is internally.

    On Region 2 DVDs it works fine. On Region 1 DVDs it comes up with an error that the disc cannot be recognised. The discs are not dirty or damaged in any way.

    I have set the drive region to 2, but each time I go back to the region tab in device manager properties, it says region 1 and I still have 4 switches left.

    As an example I have tried Big Top Peewee and attached the log file for you.


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  2. just curious

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    According to your log your drive is set to Region 2

    "Summary for drive F: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 18-12-06)
    ASUS SBW-06D2X-U D501
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 2"

    To change it to Region 1 please do the below steps

    Exit AnyDVD by RIGHT clicking the Red Fox icon on your system tray & click on "Exit"

    (Note: Icon may be hidden. Click on the up arrow on system tray to see the icon)

    Go to Device Manager

    Click on the arrow to the LEFT of "DVD/CD-ROM drives"

    RIGHT click on the drive that needs it's region set

    Click on Properties

    Click on DVD Region

    Select your Region

    Click OK

    Restart AnyDVD by DOUBLE clicking on the Red Fox icon on your DESKTOP

    At this point you can go ahead and install the newest version of Anydvd at below link

    You then should have no problems copying region 1 dvds
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  3. Ch3vr0n

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    If it keeps saying 4 changes left, then that means you're doing it with AnyDVD active! You can't do that, you need to DISABLE anydvd, then go into region settings. That said, if you do that, then that drive may have problems decrypting region 2 DVD's. When the region of the disc doesn't match the region of the drive, anyDVD has to bruteforce (part of) the decryption keys.

    Doesn't seem to be the case here, the disc is recognised just fine. anydvd most likely just has issues bruteforcing the keys.

    According to the logfile you have 2 drives. A laptop internal TSSTcorp SU-228GB and an external SBW-06D2X-U. I would recommend setting ONE of those drives to region one, and then use that one exclusively for decrypting region 1 discs, and the other exclusively for region 2 discs.

    Unless the discs are then dirty/defective, it should work just fine.
  4. James

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    It looks like your drive is a Panasonic (Matsushita) OEM drive, which doesn't allow reading from non region-matched discs. You must either change your drive region, or use a different drive.
  5. Robin Mangham

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    Yeah I had no problems using the internal drive before, unfortunately the laser has gone on that one, which is why I'm using the external USB one now (as well as it being a BR ripping drive). Looks like I will have to get the internal one fixed then or switch it temporarily for the few Region 1 discs I have a the minute.

    Thanks for all your help guys :)
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    You can't 'fix' it, you either have to replace it or use discs that match it's region. Then set your other drive to the other region perhaps. You only have 5 chances before the last change becomes permanent

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  7. Robin Mangham

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    Yes, by 'get the internal one fixed' I meant I have insurance cover on the laptop so I will get them to replace the drive and use that one for both regions and reserve the external drive for BRs :)