AnyDVD Ripper Destination Directory / Filename question

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    This is a general question regarding AnyDVD Ripper Destination Directory / Filename process. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I could not find a thread on it.

    When I have a BD disk in my BD drive and I right click on the AnyDVD icon and select "Rip To Image" The window I get looks like the following


    As you can see AnyDVD automatically creates a destination filename based on the label of the disk. If I choose to I can change the filename and when I select Copy Disk AnyDVD will create an .iso file with the name that I choose. Nothing wrong with this behavior in my opinion.

    On the other hand, if I right click on the AnyDVD icon and select "Rip Video DVD To Harddisk". The window looks like the following


    In the above screen shot you can see that AnyDVD does not automatically place the volume name of the disk as the destination folder, but if you select Copy Disk a folder will be automatically created with volume label of the disk. In my case the folder will be named GLADIATOR_D1. Most of the time I want to rename my folders to some other name but if I place a different folder name in the Destination Directory such as G:\VIDEO\Gladiator BD AnyDVD will create this folder but inside of this folder will also be another folder with name GLADIATOR_D1 which contains the BD disk structure folders and files. Is this intended behavior or would it make sense, as with Rip To Image option, to add the name of the folder based on volume label in the Destination Directory when Rip Video DVD To Harddisk option is opened and give the user the option to change the name of the folder?

    This of course is not huge issue, but it just would be nice not to have to go and change the name of the folder after the disk has completed ripping. It would also mirror the functionality between Rip To Image and Rip Video DVD To Harddisk options. Thanks.

  2. Recycle

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    I think from the time you installed your Anydvd HD you changed the save location. Mine from default is in the user/documents directory with the file name.ISO when I rip to Image option. I think you changed it from default since you last installed it. AFAIK for rip to video to hard disk I think it have the file name with the extension this with everything as default with nothing changed from the initial install.
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    Ripping to image is the Slysoft developer recommended method when dealing with Bluray discs, don't rip the files/folders to harddisk. Rip to harddisk is recommended for regular DVDs only.
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    That's beside the point. His point was you cannot change/create the file name yourself when using the "Rip to harddisk" like you can using "Rip to image", not which way is correct. The issue is the same whether you use a DVD or BD.
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  5. DaGoatRancher

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    I prefer the folder rips. My player seems to like them better. .iso fail to load speed menus more often. I understand that .iso with BD is the recommended method. I just prefer the folder rips. As I stated in my original post. It's not a big deal. Would be nice to have the functionality consistent on both the Rip To Image and Rip Video DVD To Harddisk options.