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  1. I think I read in one of the other areas that some one was having problems with a ripped DVD where the menus were scrambled and would play a little then jump back and start over. Well when I ripped Startrek Enterprise Season 2 disks 3 and 4 with your newest release they did exactly that. They play fine streight from the disk but when ripped something gets scrambled.
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    Your symptoms sound like poor quality media and or burning too fast.
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    If you're using a normal DVD (not a HD-DVD), then please read this fully:
  4. Its not a problem with media or burner! The problem is with the new release of AnyDVD If I use windows explorer to drag and drop to a dir. on my hard disk it works just fine. But if I use the new Rip Video Function of this latest Update it garbles the menus. I'm not even trying to burn it to a DVD I'm only trying to play it with Power DVD Ultra!:(
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    Anydvd ripper (for regular video DVDs) should always be the last method used after all else fails.
    Your experience is not a bug; it's normal.

    Please read this fully: