AnyDVD HD with CloneDVD 2 Copy Protection Error

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    I have previously been using AnyDVD HD ver with CloneDVD2. No issues for years

    Today I started getting the error in CloneDVD2 "This DVD is copy-protected) after being read by AnyDVD HD

    I completely uninstalled AnyDVD HD and downloaded the NEW Trial Version from RedFox. Rebooted and I get the exact same error.

    The attached log is from ver I'm trying this on a different pc from the one I installed the RedFox Trial Version, but I would like to note that the error is the same. I can attach a log from that PC as well if it will be helpful.

    This has been working fine up until a day or so ago. Haven't even had any issues on NEW RElease movies.

    I'll gladly purchase the new version of Redfox AnyDVD, but not until I can get the trial version to work.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Now we're getting somewhere, unfortunately the logfile is from 6860 and that means it's from a 7 year old version that was released under slysoft and is not supported by the current redfox staff.

    Redo the logfile from the recent anydvd version and then we can proceed. Please also say what the EXACT error message is you're getting from anydvd if it gives one. An image from clonedvd would help too.

    However going by the old logfile, it's riddled with read errors and the fact that it's a 2005 release date, it's doubtful to be a protection and most likely a dirty/defective disc

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    Read errors with this old of a set, to me would indicate a defective disc, unless @James says otherwise. Might also try cleaning the disc real well in case there is a smudge or something causing the errors.

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    OK, must be a really bad disk. I've had bad disks in the past where it would decrypt and then give me read errors during the back up. I'm trying a brand new disk to see if I get the same result... won't post until I know.

    I didn't get the same error this time. CloneDVD opened the file and then I got a read error. almost immediately Odd that it would happen on multiple DVD Drives. This disc came out of a newly purchased sealed box.

    I appreciate everyone's patience and helpfulness.

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  5. James

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    Your disc and or / drive is dirty and / or defective.

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    Turns out 3 of those disks were defective. I just ran 5 discs from 2 1/2 Men and all went well.

    Thanks to everyone for your time and help on this..... sometimes the obvious is too easy to see without a little help.
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