AnyDVD HD using external drive issues with Blu-Ray

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    I have an external Samsung Blu-Ray Writer that I sometimes attach to my Yoga 2 Pro to watch movies using VLC (3 Nightly) on Windows 10. In the past, this setup has worked quite well, but things have changed. When I insert a Blu-Ray it gets checked and made available to the system just fine, but when I try to play it in VLC, it starts spinning the disk, but all I get back is some thumbnail of the inserted disk's movie.

    However, when I have the Blu-Ray inserted into the drive, reboot Windows 10, log in, start VLC and play the movie, it comes out fine, although I have the issue that for any chapter of the selected title, it will revert back to the original / root language of the title, but that might be related to VLC 3 Nightly.

    Anything I could do in AnyDVD or VLC to try track down the issue?

    Side note: AnyDVD using VLC 2.2.6 on my desktop (Win10) with a built in Blu-Ray Writer works like a charm.

    Thanks very much in advance
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    That right there confirms it's not an anydvd problem. Your problem is very likely VLC, it's not a real / licensed blu-ray player. At best it guesses the proper playlist, just plays back the largest m2ts and can't decode HD audio usually.

    Not an anydvd problem
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    Does it happen with other media player ? Potplayer / Kmplayer / MPC-HC / BE ?
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    Just tried PotPlayer and it also fails. Strangely everything works just fine on my Desktop and also it worked last year....With AnyDVD and VLC, that I am 100% certain