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    AnyDVD History 2007 03 15
    - New (DVD): Added support new versions for the "Protect DVD-Video" copy
    protection to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
    Examples: "Wer früher stirbt..." and "Perfume", both R2, German
    - Note: With the help of AnyDVD, discs protected with "Protect DVD-Video"
    can now be played on Windows MCE 2005, with Windows Media player or
    Shame on the makers of this really bad protection.
    They don't do their customers a favour, if they cannot watch the
    original disc!
    We really hope that they get these discs slapped in their faces by
    their (ex)customers.
    - Fix (HD DVD): Discs with volume labels ending with a blank character
    could not be decrypted
    Example: "Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You In Time", US
    - Fix (HD DVD): Discs without iHD menus did not work
    Example: "Heart - Alive in Seattle" (US & Japan)
    - Fix (Blu-ray): Files with non consecutive sections were not decrypted
    correctly. Example: Many Blu-ray discs like "Prestige" (US)
    - Some minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages


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    I have got a problem with some Region B BluRay titles ("Speed" and "League of extraordinary Gentlemen"). AnyDVD HD does not remove region coding from this two BDs. What´s wrong? On all other Region B movies the region coding can be removed (e.g. Rocky, Ice Age2).

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    Can you please post the files index.bdmv and MovieObject.bdmv from one of those disks here (attach the zipped files please).
    Also a directory tree might be helpful:

    dir /S > c:\dir.txt

    from the BDs root directory.

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    here are the files you asked for.


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  5. Peer

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    Thanks for the files.
    This disc checks the region code "actively" through java code.
    So for now, there is no way to fix that.
    I'll think about some future solution for this...
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    I think that the same problem is valid for ‘Usual Suspects’ Region A.

    I tried with 6132 Region set to A and I got a region error.

    @ peer: Do you want me to post the files for check?
  8. Peer

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    Thanks, I ordered some discs, that would or should show this behaviour.
    In case I get stuck, I'll remember your offer :)