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    I received an error while using 1click and the latest HD anydvd with the movie 'my one and only' and 1 click program made a zip folder log file and stated to send it to anydvd support. I don't know where to send it so I'm posting it here.

    Please excuse my ignorance for the forum procedures, etc., I usually don't have many problems with my programs.

    If this is not where I post or send this zip log file, could someone say where I can send it please.

    Uploaded zip attachment.

    Thank you. ~Rose

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  2. Racem22

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    I'm not sure why 1Click would try to send their logfile to Slysoft but anyways right click on the fox icon in the taskbar and "Create logfile" then post that zip file here.
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    The bigger question is how this even relates to AnyDVD HD. I'm moving this to the AnyDVD forum but I'm confused as to why 1-Click would create a logs to be sent to Slysoft.

    I'd advise updating to AnyDVD beta, as well:
  4. Clams

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    Looks like an AnyDVD dump file to me. I don't see where 1-Click had any say in it.

  5. tivertonrose

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    I have no idea why this happened or which program actually created that error file. I've never seen anything like this in the years I've had the programs. The one thing I do see when using anydvd and while beginning the writing , there is an error in yellow in 1click's description list. "A 3rd party software (such as anydvd) prevent the drive to be locked for safe burning." Sometimes, I will exit anydvd when I see that and that is when I got the error and zip file saved but the movie was copied correctly anyway.

    I burned another copy and did not get the error, so I'll just see if it happens again and I'll capture the error jpg, and report it to 1click. I came here because that is what the instructions said to do. Very odd.

    Thank You.
  6. shannon90210

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    AnyDVD created the Dump file
    Something caused AnyDVD to crash ..... hence the AnyDVD dump file

    I've had this happen with a Bad disc
    Removing the Disc from your Drive and
    Rebooting your Computer should put things back in order
    -( provided there isn't something actually conflicting with AnyDVD )

    I would only worry about it if it keeps happening (AnyDVD dump file)
    .... and then Does it only happen with that one particular Disc ?


    warning Writer: A 3rd party software (such as AnyDVD) prevent the drive to be locked.
    For safer burning operation, disable this software before starting the burning process

    In most cases - Just Ignore it
    The message is from the VSO Burning engine
    ImgBurn presents a similar message ( Interferes with Verification )

    Are you having any trouble Burning ?

    IF you are Using the Same DVD Drive
    - to Read
    - and to Write
    When 1Click is Finished Reading and Ejects the Original disc
    *Before* inserting your Blank DVD
    Right click on the AnyDVD fox in your sys tray
    . and EXIT AnyDVD
    > Now insert your Blank DVD and continue with the Burn

    IF you are using Two DVD Drives
    - One to Read
    - and One to Write
    Right click on the AnyDVD fox in your sys tray
    > Settings > Drives > Selection
    UN Check the Drive used as your Burner

    AnyDVD only needs to be Enabled for your Read Drive

    This really shouldn't make any difference (???)
    .... but
    in a few cases .... It has helped with Burning Issues

    ( Don't ask me why .... I really don't know )
    It makes No difference on my set-up - one way or the other

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  7. tivertonrose

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    Thanks Shannon,

    Now I know and will just leave anydvd sitting there instead of exiting out of it.
  8. donebythefish

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    Don't know if this is any help or not, but I get the same error when burning a disc from my hard drive - for example, I've already used anyDVD to decrypt a disc, then used 1Click to compress it ("Movie Only" setting) and saved the compressed movie to a folder on my hard drive... if I use 1Click again to burn a physical disc selecting a hard drive folder as the source, that same error appears. I just exit anyDVD and the problem goes away. If I don't exit anyDVD then sometimes (rarely, though) 1Click will "hang" and sometimes (most) it burns just fine. Hope this helps any debuggers out there.