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AnyDVD and MS Flight Sim DeLux


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Jan 30, 2007
I have purchased the latest (2007) version of MS Flight Simulator and wish to create backups for my own use, but AnyDVD fails to copy, as does any thing else I've tried.
Is this some new form of protection from MS and Norton. Thanks for any help.

PS The same has happened with my purchased copy of Norton Internet Security 2007.
Anydvd helps remove protection on movie dvds--but has very little to do with computer games.

Someone in the Clonecd forum might be able to help you.
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Flight Simuilator game back up

I have the older version of Flight Simulator 2004 and have the same problems. It looks like it backed up alright but will not work.

Also after backing it up, the CD is unnamed. I believe that if I coud rename it, it might work. Anyone know how to do this? I would appreciate the help. Although expensive, Our CD's are only plastic and scratch easily. Especially if you have children. Back-up is necessary in my hime.


I'm not sure what the problem is. I have made back-ups of some games I have and the CD Label on the back-up is the same as that on the original. I would ask if you used the Copy Protected PC Game profile, and have you tried the emulating or amplify weak sectors and Hide CDR Media options in CloneCD?

Since you said you were getting unable to read sectors errors, the "amplify" or "emulate" options with Hide CDR Media may help. It's worth a try. Below is from the CloneCD Help file.

Use "Emulate weak sectors", if you don't know if your CD writer supports correct EFM encoding. This feature works with any SAO or DAO CD writer. To use an "emulated" backup, you need an installed CloneCD with "Hide CDR Media" enabled.
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