AnyDVD and Handbrake / MakeMKV movie playlists problems

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    Almost daily we see reports on these forums of of users using Handbrake to convert a movie and say "help, the playlist anydvd mentions isn't there" or "AnyDVD doesn't work with handbrake playlist" Using handbrake to convert to <insert format>".


    This problem comes from the fact that HANDBRAKE uses it's OWN playlist numbering order and does not respect the mpls numbers on the disc. In the playlist selection it will say something like title 001 - mpls 00123.mpls.

    Primairy Solution:

    Use CloneBD instead! It will automatically hide the fake/incorrect playlists and only show the correct ones mentioned by AnyDVD.

    Secondary Solution

    • Open the AnyDVD main interface and look at the number AnyDVD mentions as the correct one(s)
    • Go to handbrake and expand the playlist selection.
    • Find the handbrake title number that matches the one AnyDVD sais is correct
    • Use THAT title number for conversion

    The procedure should be similar for MakeMKV. Complicated method compared to CloneBD.

    Again: Either way this is NOT, never has been and never will be an AnyDVD problem. The staff cannot continue to say the same thing over and over any longer. We reserve the right close new topics on this issue and point to this sticky.
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