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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ZARTT, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. ZARTT

    ZARTT Well-Known Member

    When booting my P/C this morning, after the boot process was finished, I was presented with a dialogue box that said a dump file had been created, and that I should send it in to staff.
    I also noticed that the redfox icon in the tray was missing.
    There was no DVD present in the optical drive during the boot.
    The boot process was normal, as far as I could determine, and finished with the only anomally being the deactivated AnyDVD. A restart of the program went normally also.
    I have enclosed the dump file along with a logfile from the last disc that I processed yesterday.

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  2. ZARTT

    ZARTT Well-Known Member

    Somehow I must have screwed up the dump file location, and I can't get the file to attach.
    When I try to attach it, the process ignores my choice from the location and proceeds as if I had made no choice. The file is 15 mb , so it fits the rules on size.
    What am I doing incorrectly?

    OK it looks like the attach process will not accept a file with the .dmp suffix.
    What are my options here?
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  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    zip it
    But AnyDVD should have done this for you already.

    Or just use AnyDVD and check, if the problem repeats.
  4. ZARTT

    ZARTT Well-Known Member

    OK I found the dump file and squished it with ZIP.
    For what it is worth, I had booted the rig at least 3or 4 times in past few days with, but this A.M. was the first time a dump file was thrown.
    This is not a life or death situation, but just information that staff may find useful.
    Thank you for your dedication to my favorite piece of software.


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  5. wowszer

    wowszer Well-Known Member

    In support of ZARTT, I have received the same type of message to send a zip file to the .bz site which I did eventually. But not after I tried a reinstall of AnyDVD both with saved info and a complete install of my key. Both cleared the warning of the error for a few days, and caused no errors in ripping new discs, but reappeared after a couple of days after a reinstall. The question is, why did it clear the error, and why does the error reappear. And it appears to reappear after each reboot, unless the above conditions apply.