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    In many places on the site it says that this version of anydvd can be used with the old slysoft lifetime license. So I downloaded it (the old version-I found the link on the faq page) and I tried installing it on a new laptop and installed the license and it isn't working. Is there a way to get it to work? I don't have the $$ to buy a new license and my kids are only using older dvds so I don't really need a current one right now. thanks

    eta: from the FAQ page:

    Can I use my Slysoft license with the new RedFox versions?
    The last version of AnyDVD that can be unlocked with Slysoft license keys is For all later versions you need to obtain a new license key from us. SlySoft licenses of other products such as CloneDVD, CloneCD, and CloneDVD mobile, as well as elby CloneBD licenses are not affected and will continue to work normally.
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    Did you reboot your Laptop it should work with no problems.
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    In addition to post #2:
    If all else fails, try using the registration tool, RegAnyDVD.exe, found in AnyDVDs installation folder.
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    Gale, I can verify that combo is working for many, many people.
    Worst case uninstall AnyDVD (including license info when promped) and start over.
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    Absolutely...I am into all the old movies and my has worked as usual (awesomely) on both The Revenant (new Zombie Sheriff in Town!) and the Revenant (2016).
    Many older titles fall to AnyDVD and lots of current ones.
    Persevere...all will come right. (y)
  6. Clams

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    Agreed. While the "AI Scanner" is never "perfect", it's got years of being "perfected". It seems to handle most titles OK as it is.
    But then there's Lionsgate. I'll bet they proactively tests new releases against AnyDVD, to devise a structural protection that it can't handle. YET.
    Armed with only a logfile, James is good at getting the new betas out to handle the latest Lionsgate nonsense.
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    Wrong section. License questions have their own section. Moved.
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    i have the same problem
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    Then take the same suggestions. :D