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    Putting in Disney's UP AnyDVD gives a warning before it fails to read the disk. Note, this isn't a ripping issue as that step is never reached. The failure occurs in the scanning of the disk. If I had reached the ripping, I would have been using either CloneCD or CloneDVD2 depending on the size of the movie.

    Attached is the log. While the disk had a few scratches and some dirt, I cleaned it and it was in better shape than many movies I backup.

    In searching for similar cases here, most seemed to be related to the ripping phase and not the scan phase. But it would seem Disney has the most problems of anyone producer.:censored:


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    Set your drive hardware region and try again. Without a properly set drive region anydvd can encounter problems with css protected discs. EXIT anydvd completely (the tray icon may not be running), then go into device manager and set your region. If after setting the region it still fails, provide a new logfile.
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    I'll try that in a minute. How were you able to read the log? I couldn't open it. What region do I set it for?
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    Thank you so much. I changed the region to "1" and it is working now. The DM said I could change the region a total of 5 times with this being the first. Would I want the others incase I bought a movie in England? And if I copied the DVD, would it be usable on my USA DVD player?
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    yeah i was able to read the log, wouldn't have been able to say that otherwise. You can take a look yourself. it's just a standard zip file but with a different extension for support reasons. Any tool that can open .zip can open .ziplog, you just have to manually tell it too :)

    You only need to set the region of the drive once, to the one where you use the mosts discs from. If you'll look into Anydvd's "Video DVD settings", notice the top 2. They're enabled by default and effectively remove the region code of any DVD (in your case including UK ones R2). By default your anydvd status should say something along the lines of

    "Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1" for your standard USA dvd's, when you insert a UK disc that'll change to "Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 2", which will render the rip region free. NOTE: this does NOT change the video standard used! USA discs use a video system NTSC (30/60fps), Region 2 (europe and others) use a system called PAL (25/50FPS) and you'll need a standalone player capable of playing the PAL standard. Something that's not common in the US. The US mainly only plays NTSC discs and very few times PAL too, while in europe it's the exact opposite. EU players usually play both video standards, and you'd really have to look to find a PAL only capable player.

    This does not affect software players like PowerDVD, only standalone players. If your player is not capable of playing PAL discs, you will need to use third party software to convert PAL discs to NTSC. Doing that almost always results in a loss of default menu and a new one added by the conversion suite (if it is capable of doing that).