AnyDVD disables my DVD/CD Drive

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    AnyDVD disables my DVD/CD Drive after I run it. If I disable autostart and reboot my computer my drive works again. When I put a DVD in the drive and then run AnyDVD it recognizes the DVD, and after I remove the disk the drive is disabled (rebooting restores the drive, if the AnyDVD's autostart is turned off). The Operating system is XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2 and I use ZoneAlarm (AnyDVD is given allows on the Access-Server-SendMail tabs ). And it is the message that AnyDVD gives me:

    No Disc is present in Drive D:!
    HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4040N 1.01

    Also, I have also reinstalled AnyDVD, after using a registry cleaner and disabling ZoneAlarm.

    Thanks for any assistance.
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  3. johnmcb

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    Lower/Upper Filters

    Thanks. I did all four steps (and will wait):

    1. Reinstalled following these directions, yesterday.
    2. Read the list and don't have any of these programs.
    3. Installed standard IDE Busmaster drivers.
    4. And here are the Lower/Upper filters

    LowerFilters - REG_MULTI_SZ - AnyDVD ElbyDelay MxlW2k
    UpperFilters - REG_MULTI_SZ - InCDPass incdrm

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    MxlW2k - Part of MusicMatch

    Musicmatch Jukebox, in particular, has been known to cause conflicts. visit

    bad bad bad
    Incd is packet writing software, and it's usually installed by Nero's install program. If you want drag and drop functionality, invest in dvd-ram instead, which is more secure.

    You need to uninstall Incd and ensure incdpass and incdrm no longer appear in your filters after rebooting.
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    INCD & Musicbox removed

    I uninstalled incd (I was looking for Nero incd). Musicbox was not in my add/remove programs list, but I found and deleted the folder and edited the LowerFilter (removed MxlW2k). This is the new LowerFilter and no UpperFilter is listed:

    LowerFilters - REG_MULTI_SZ - AnyDVD ElbyDelay

    But, AnyDVD stills disables the drive after it runs and if start my computer with AnyDVD turned off my drive works (after AnyDVD reads the disk the drive stops working). Any ideas?

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    Unless you have Spybot's teatimer installed, not really. You may also want to try running Anydvd in safe mode (click red fox icon on toolbar-->program settings-->safe mode)

    Other than that you may want to wait for the next version of Anydvd, which is supposed to be released soon.

    Also, you may want to check to see if a firmware update is available for your drive:
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    DJ_MELERIX New Member

    I have the same trouble, but this only happens with versions:


    The only solution is back to :/

    I hope that slysoft devs can fix it soon.
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    this update did exactly the same to my dvd-ram drive...and it renamed it cd-drive too :mad: i went back to but it still says cd drive (it still does what it supposed to do though).
    hopefully a fixed version will be available soon :bowdown:
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    I'm having a problem with versions 6166 and 6167. After I installed both versions both of my writers wouldn't recognize the dvd or the blank disc. The only way to get it to recoignize either is to exit anydvd the click the anydvd icon to restart it. Then it will scan the disc and recognize the movie and the blank. 6165 and lower never had a problem.

    It also happens if I try and make more then one copy. If I burn a movie and have the (delete temporary video files ) unchecked it still has to be restarted after the first burn. Used to be I could burn a dvd, eject the copy and put another blank in and click write. Now I can't. Like I said I have to restart anydvd in order to get it to recognize the blank disc. It's a hassle to keep restarting anydvd everytime I want to copy a disc.

    I'm using Win. XP Pro W/sp2 with an Asus DRW-1603P3S (rev. 1..24) as the reader and a Plextor PX-760A (rev. 1.06) asw the writer
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    1. You may want to wait for the new Anydvd update that's supposed to be released soon.

    2. Follow the steps listed here:
    (note that step 4 requires you to post information)
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    i´m reliefed that i´m not alone !

    thanks boys....

    always nice to know not being alone - versin 6167 made me skip AnyDVD HD until an update....
    My CD-drive is not recogniced as described above - and it´s the only thing done on the Pc (updating anydvd hd... Vista OS). I did the uninstal/install and quite the same occurs !
    Would be nice with a working version:bowdown:
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    Problem Fixed

    I just installed the new version of AnyDVD and the problem is fixed. Thanks for all your help.