Any sugestions on this ?

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    Ok what im trying to do is build a dvd server for the house Im a AV guy not computer one but I can find my way around some.

    Im looking at getting one of the LG Gcc-H20l if i can find one in stock with the any DVD software ll be placing all movies on WD 1 TB Books the system the books are on is on my network so I can or should be able to access it from any network device I plane on using a Netgear EVA8000 using the HDMI out for 1080p so not to lose any quality so I hope. This will be running to a Intergra DTC9.8 With the 1080 upscaling for non 1080 itens has 4 HDMI in and @ HDMI out this will feed a 1080p Plasma or Projector Have not decided on what yet.

    What faults from the computer or network side do u see I may face?

    Thankyou Joe

    Also if anyone knows where i can find the LG player in stock i would apreciate it