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  1. Mike O

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    Norton internet security keeps removing the downloaded file. It says it is not safe.
  2. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Norton is problem, ask your vendor to fix it.
    Anydvd is perfectly safe download.
  3. Lukas

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  4. wowszer

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    It happens whenever a new *.*.*.0 file comes out. The virus programs see it as a new program/file never before seen, it must be a virus because you're the second person that used/downloaded it, the same as a police officer sees a African American, he must be a drug dealer/bad guy. After both have seen each other a few times they may see each other in a different light, the anti virus do at least.
  5. Lightning Bolt

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    You need to contact Symantec about the Norton problem so they can release a update to fix their software or temporarily disable/ pause the security software until it is installed and then re initialize the security software. Unless there is a setting in the security software to ignore it as a threat.