Amazon LoveFilm by Post comes to an end

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MK-Slinky, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    News today, Amazon LoveFilm by Post is to cease operation at the end of October 2017, will this finally spell an end to the DVD & Blu-ray market as we know it?

    I for one am extremely unhappy about this move and refuse to use a streaming service instead. I'm old school and still enjoy the look and feel of a dvd or blu-ray in my hands. Most streaming services that I've seen don't include the extras often associated with physical discs. Likewise Amazon estimate that they currently have around 80,000 DVD rentals available in their catalogue compared to around 8,000 streamed titles. With such minimal choice it begs the question "why has streaming become so popular"?

    Currently the only DVD rental by post service that I can find in the UK is Cinema Paradiso, unless someone knows of any others?
  2. JT!

    JT! Well-Known Member

    I still use netflix here in the USA. Very worried they might go the same way and ditch the discs. If they do I would like to see some service provided by them to watch newer movies and a subscription rate or something.
  3. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    I'm in the UK myself but as far as I know Netflix don't do disc rentals over here, unless someone knows any different? I do know that another company 'Cinema Paradiso' offers the same service though so hopefully they'll profit from Amazon's losses. According to Amazon 'streaming' is the future hence why they're cutting the disc rental service to their existing 4 million users. By comparison they have somewhere in the region of 90 million streaming customers so I can see their point, not that I agree with it personally :(
  4. Crower

    Crower Well-Known Member

    I've stayed with Netflix only because they offer some of the older DVDs (some classics), but I've found that many, though they show up on their website, are not available for rental - they just get entered in your "Saved" que and stay there forever without any action on Netflix's part. I'm not interested in streaming so when it appears the return doesn't justify staying with Netflix, I'm done with them. Having disc access was the reason I joined Netflix so if they can't offer that, I'll move on to searching the used disc bins. Too bad because at one time, they provided the disc equivalent of the Turner network for old movies.
  5. MK-Slinky

    MK-Slinky Well-Known Member

    LOL.., if Amazon got rid of all their 'Classic - old DVD's' there'd be nothing left to offer hardly. Makes me laugh when you look at their newest releases only to discover most of them are from the 60's -70's! I'll certainly miss LoveFilm when it goes at the end of next month but thankfully in the UK we still have Cinema Paradiso, how long for though I don't know. Seems that people prefer the convenience of streaming over choice of titles these days, some people are dumb!!