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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GuyGascard, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. GuyGascard

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    Is there any plan to write a Mac version of the Slysoft wonderfull programs???
  2. Webslinger

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    No. Not at all
  3. Charlie

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  4. sej7278

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    the search button is up the top, near "log out"
  5. Charlie

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    True but searching "MAC" will not work as you must use 4 characters.
  6. lostboy

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    Its very unfortunate there is no Mac AnyDVD. As a software engineer I do realize it would be a 90% rewrite as nothing really would "port". But I suspect it would be worth the rewrite; particularly now as the Mac has risen in prominence. Plus the initial rewrite is the most expensive part.. future updates should be no more costly development-wise than updates to the windows counterpart. So this need only be done once.

    I'd really encourage SlySoft to consider this. SlySoft products are very high quality just as Mac users are accustomed to using. I expect once it was learned there was a native mac version you'd see a large take for the product. Plus Mac users are very limited in their options unlike the windows world so Sly would mostly have this market to itself! Please seriously study and consider this...

  7. sej7278

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    i expect the problem is the programmers are windows programmers, the mac/linux kernel and filesystem drivers have got to be quite different to windows and totally foreign to the slysoft team.

    if you look at the constant updates to anydvd, imagine trying to rewrite from scratch and keep two or three platforms in sync.

    the answer for mac/linux is just virtualisation - the whole suite runs fine under vmware or parallels on both platforms, there's not much of a speed hit, but it does still require a copy of windows....