A watermark? Really?

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by fraginstein, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. fraginstein

    fraginstein Member

    I've used Slysoft products for years, purchased all lifetime updates, and have eagerly been awaiting CloneBD release. But, why a watermark in a limited duration, fully functional trial? Disappointed...
  2. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    Buy the product, loose the watermark. What's the issue here?
  3. ErichV

    ErichV Well-Known Member

    Furthermore, there is currently no limited duration for testing purposes.
  4. DSquare

    DSquare Member

    That's good to know. I was under the impression it had a 21 day trial. I was reluctant to install it since I didn't want to waste my trial on a still buggy program.
  5. fraginstein

    fraginstein Member

    Exactly DSquare.
  6. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    The Watermark makes every process or burn defective, that's the issue

    Even if a conversion, encode, or burn works, it is marred by the watermark. Who wants a file or disc with a picture of a beaver on it.
    It was explained to me why this was done but it is still a major pain in the neck. And who wants to buy a program with so many problems for so many users.

    I purchased the lifetime option but still can't burn any working discs, just coasters.