9,7mm working BD Burner for AnyDVD ?

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  1. Faultier

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    My stand at moment für an 9,7 slim line bd burner is that


    Pioneer BDR-UD03
    Samsung SN-506BB/BEBE

    Not Working

    Panasonic UJ-267 /Matshita


    SilverStone SST-SOB02 to expensive

    Teac BD-W26SS-BM3 most people say it s loud

    Other working burner known ?
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    Not an anydvd issue, moved to drive hardware section. The anydvd section is reserved for disc related problems only.

    If windows can see the drive, anydvd can work with it. Matshita drives are a different matter, there's something hardwired in the firmware that prevents different region encoded region removal. That's not an anydvd issue.
  3. Crower

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    I've used the UJ265 (a 12.5mm drive) in my laptop for some time now quite successfully with AnyDVD HD (I haven't had to change any region codes so haven't run into the problems Ch3vrOn mentioned). Unfortunately, the UJ265 has been discontinued by Panasonic although they are still available on e-Bay here:


    and here:


    The Silverstone is just a rebranded UJ265 Matshita drive from my understanding, and is pretty much identical in its form and specs to the UJ265 though priced higher.

    The Pioneer is also available on e-Bay (though by its "unavailable" listing on Amazon, it may have been discontinued also) here:


    In my mind, all of these are being made by the same source in China, and marketed by the companies offering them.

    You might look at the UJ272 offered on Amazon which looks similar:


    but at a significantly lower price and it is a 9.5mm drive.

    I recently purchased a backup UJ265 for my laptop through e-Bay just to have in case my existing unit ever gives up. The UJ265 is a bit "noisy" but not at all objectionable to me. I do like the slot load feature rather than a tray that pops out, and the unit is fairly easy to install (you do need to transfer a small bracket from your existing drive which secures the drive in your laptop).

    Addenda: In checking the specs for the Silverstone drive, it shows as a 12.7mm drive. That makes sense because I believe it's the UJ265 rebranded (they even refer to their drive as a UJ265 on the users sheet). You might want to check that spec on you other listed drives as well. In any case, I think the UJ272 may be a successor to the UJ267 and they are both 9.5mm drives. The UJ272 has one or two improved specs over the UJ267.

    The UJ272 appears to be popular since the Amazon price jumped recently.
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