Playback problems, impossible to play BDs directly from discs

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    I played my original disc on PowerDVD17ultra with AnyDVD, but get a error message.
    PowerDVD17 Ultra does not start playing my disc at all.
    VLC Player 3.0.1 only shows the BD thumbnail,can't play movies.

    I have tested it with AnyDVD,everything works fine.
    Both versions of AnyDVD shows no error message on their status windows.

    Attached log files and a screenshot.
    Any suggestions?

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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I tested with a retail disc on my Windows 10 1709 x64 system that is fully updated. I tested with and without AnyDVD beta running. I had no issue either way.

    With the above being said, this type of issue occurred back in the December & January time period for [some] people. Myself included but that was resolved. Possibly a recent change in AnyDVD has caused it to crop up again under certain circumstances. A developer's input will be required on that. @James
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    I have the same message here, but my suspect is that is not an AnyDVD problem. do the same and also if I deactivate AnyDVD at all. I wrote to Cyberlink forum, bu I think I'll wato long time...
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    I also have the same issue with and, it is an AnyDVD problem but it is not limited to PowerDVD: in fact it's impossible to play BDs and UHD BDs directly from (original) disc with any application. MPC-HC for example says "cannot render the file" even when opening an M2TS file directly, and right-clicking on a file to try and open MediaInfo freezes Explorer.
    Downgrading AnyDVD to fixes the issue.

    Interesting to note: playback works when mounting a .ISO ripped with AnyDVD while removing protection, even with I haven't tried with an ISO when keeping protection yet.

    I have taken log files from the same disc with and; if they are needed please tell me.

    @LACIE Could you please update the thread title to reflect that the problem is not limited to PowerDVD but is a general issue when playing directly from original disc? Thanks!

    EDIT: the most obvious difference between the logs is this line that appears with but not with
      0.20s: Drive E: locked, result 1, took 0 seconds!
    Looks like the issue is with AnyDVD.sys as it has changed in and I think.
    My OS is 10 Pro 64-bit v1703 with latest updates (build 15063.966)
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    Using AnyDVD with TMT into win7 32, no problems at all. All discs that I try play perfectly.
  7. James

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    Please try AnyDVD Thank you.
  8. el Filou

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    This fixes the issue for me, James. Thanks.
  9. LACIE

    LACIE Member fixes the issue for me, too. Thank you James.