6184 Warning: Verification of File win 2000

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  1. apnixon

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    I have been using AnyDVD for 18 + months and it has worked flawlessly.
    Installed 6184 and recieved the following message:

    Warning: Verification of File.
    C:\program files\slysoft\anydvd\anydvd.exe
    has failed.
    the file has been modified.
    This might be caused by a virus!
    please run virus scan and reinstall anydvd.

    OK so no virus after running virus scan.
    did a complete manual uninstall and scrubbed my registry of anydvd keys.

    rebooted and downloaded 6184 again direct from slysoft
    activated anydvd using my registration key.

    Warning error again.

    click continue 5 times program runs fine. but I keep getting this annoying error message.

    any info from slysoft would be great or from any member.

    noticed a few other posts from another member with the same problem but the member seemed to get flamed in his request.

    just would like to restate that the problem only happened after i downloaded 6184


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    A known bug, carried over from - This has already been fixed.... get the latest version.

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    6184 error

    thx the beta fixed the problem.