Crashes Windows 98

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by MooMooMooMoo, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. MooMooMooMoo

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    I've been using Anydvd with no problem on Win 98 SE for quite awhile. I installed & upon inserting any disc I got a kernal access error & also a pc crash. It was repeatable with any disc.

    I tried installing over the top of 6.7. It said my trial was up!

    I uninstalled 6.7 & reinstalled 6.6. Any DVD registration is back to normal. However, 6.6 is also now crashing (it no longer crashes the pc, just AnyDVD). I even tried restoring to a registry back up from before the 6.7 install but still have the same problem. Here is the current windows error message:

    ANYDVD caused a general protection fault
    in module ANYDVD.EXE at 0187:004f6811.
    EAX=01c4f8d4 CS=0187 EIP=004f6811 EFLGS=00050213
    EBX=000003dc SS=018f ESP=00000006 EBP=01c4fd24
    ECX=00000006 DS=018f ESI=000049f7 FS=48f7
    EDX=00000001 ES=018f EDI=00be6a44 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    9d dd c8 39 39 5d 45 42 84 dc f3 a4 0f 50 da d5
    Stack dump:
    00160070 0465056d 04650070 ff540070 7db8f000 e816f000 0000f000 0028da00
    ef6f056d ef6ff000 ef6ff000 ef6ff000 009af000 0465056d 00070070 f84dda52

  2. Crusher

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    Just go back to whatever your last working version was and wait for Slysoft to put out the next update. is known to cause problems on Windows 98, you are not alone.
  3. MooMooMooMoo

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    As I mentioned, I went back to 6.6 which was working, but now isn't. I'm glad Sly Soft is aware of this, I hadn't read of any other posters mentioning Win 98.
    I'm going to try 6.5 before giving up.
  4. MooMooMooMoo

    MooMooMooMoo Member

    Going back to 6.5 seems to have solved it (though I wasn't previously aware of any issues with 6.6). I'm happy it's working again, I hope Slysoft looks at Win 98 Compatability for the next release!
  5. James

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    I'm already on it... :eek:
  6. MooMooMooMoo

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    James, thanks!!!

    Moo 4X
  7. MooMooMooMoo

    MooMooMooMoo Member

    So far 6.9 seems fine with Win 98, thanks!